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Fabrication Crew Hits Another Level of High-Quality Welding

Manufacting Safety Units

Pro Weld’s fabrication crew has hit another level of high-quality, speed welding this week. All welding workstations are buzzing and fully-equipped with a Miller Electric (MIG) welder and fabrication tools to manufacture a large international safety equipment project with confidence by Memorial Day. While other Medford, Oregon welders seek welding jobs, or plan their three… Read more »

White City Welding Company Offers Portable Infrared BBQ for Internationally

Penny Oberlander of Iron Horse Barbecue displays one of the White City company's infrared grills at Pro Weld near Medford, Oregon.

Charbroiling Choo-Choos  White City company succeeds with unique look, infrared technology New York entrepreneur Stu Salenger was paging through a trade magazine last fall when an advertisement for a new breed of barbecues caught his eye. By Greg Stiles Posted Jun. 2, 2009 at 12:01 AM New York entrepreneur Stu Salenger was paging through a… Read more »

CNC Plasma Cutting Table Quotes

Spring 2015 is here! Bring your CNC Plasma Metal Art & Designs to us for a quote or sample! Check out this new video {23 seconds!} of the precision cnc plasma cutting table producing high quality work. This new plasma table has drawn interest throughout the Medford, OR and Southern Oregon surrounding areas as this… Read more »

No Weld Too Small

This week Pro Weld took on an abnormally large welding job. Partin Forest Products brought in their Morbark “Chiparvestor” which enabled Pro Weld’s fabricators to rise above the average welder’s expertise. This titanic size mobile Chiparvestor allows Ron Partin (owner) to produce what is considered “clean chips” which is sold to paper mills throughout Oregon… Read more »

Ending 2014 & Looking Toward a Bright 2015!

The Pro Weld Crew would like to thank all who contributed in the success of 2014! We anticipate an exciting 2015 in our metal fabrication shop, and will continue to be a positive influence on the global economy. Next month we introduce two new faces at the front desk. We will be participating in the Cooperative… Read more »

Let the Sparks Fly

Welding dates back to the Iron and Broze ages. Who doesn’t love to see metal forged, sanded and welded — creating a one-of-a-kind item? Here is a short video of welds done for an Iron Horse BBQ…slowed WAY down. Watch as the various colors illuminate the screen and fiery sparks fly. Although Pro Weld is… Read more »