Pro Weld prides itself on being a Women Owned, All-American family operated welding company located just 15 minutes north of Medford, Oregon the Urban Hub.  

Pro Weld's Welding Company North of Medford Oregon

Arial View of Pro Weld’s Welding Company North of Medford Oregon

Medford, Oregon

in Relation to Pro Weld’s Facility

The beautiful city of Medford, Oregon is the urban hub of Southern Oregon incorporated in 1885. It is south of Pro Weld’s 15,000 square foot facility. The welding company is located with a beautiful panoramic view of two landmark mesas called the Table Rock Mountains.

Upper Table Rock Panorama

Upper Table Rock Mountain within site of Pro Weld in White City. The Table Rock Mountains are just 15 minutes North East of Medford, Oregon.

Medford natives and international tours hike volcanic plateaus named “Upper Table Rock” and “Lower Table Rock”. These signature Table Rocks are a unique heritage of the Medford, Area joining Pilot Rock and Roxy Ann Peak for the favorite Rogue Valley hikes.  

Early History of Medford, Oregon

In 1883, the first deeds sold in Medford, which is the year Edison and Swan established “United Electric Light Company” and New York’s  Brooklyn Bridge permitted traffic to cross the structural bridge which took 13 years to construct.

Medford, Oregon is the seat of Jackson County and was named in 1883 by a railroad agent of the Oregon & California Railroad, David Loring. It is a recreation mecca with its temperatures and climates, beautiful rivers, mountains and the nearby Pacific Ocean. Medford sits 5 miles east of Jacksonville a former gold mining town encompassing 1.89 sq. miles (4.90 km) as recorded by the US Census Bureau. For a cool 1880 Historical Jacksonville, OR virtual tour click here.

For a fun list of Jackson County Historical Places to visit in the Medford area, click this link.

May 24 – Brooklyn Bridge is opened to traffic after 13 years of construction

The Brooklyn Bridge permits traffic for the first time May 24, 1883 after 13 years of construction.

Medford Oregon, Edison and Swan Electric Light Company established their presence.

Medford, Oregon incorporated the railroad city in 1883. This is the very year Edison & Swan formed “United Electric Light Company”.