Pro Weld is here for your welding needs. If you are seeking a certified welding company to produce your steel transformer and substation structure – look no future. Pro Weld, Inc. is here for you. Our welding workforce is certified, precise, and reliable. Welding team is well versed in

We pickled and quality tested based on each client’s requests. Substations are part of the whole picture of electric movement. Our welding crew is able to provide anything. Whether it is a transformer core clamp or to the larger substation capable of distributing power for a whole region.


Welding of this electric transformer metal container for substation by Pro Weld’s fabrication and welding crew was easy


Liquid Filled Transformers Fabricated

at Pro Weld, Inc’s Welding Shop

near Medford, Oregon

welding at pro weld, inc.

Pro Weld, Inc. Tank Welding in Oregon

Transformer Lifting Eyes
Transformer Tank Cover
Transformer Tank Cover
Transformer 2 Elemental MTG Brackets
Transformer Arrester Bracket
Transformer Arrester Channel
Transformer Compartment Assembly
Transformer Compartment Covers
Transformer Core Clamp 11600 KVA
Transformer Core Clamp 2000 KVA
Transformer Core Clamp 3000 KVA
Transformer Core Clamp 5800 KVA
Transformer Core Clamp 6250 KVA
Transformer CT Mtg
Transformer Fuse Interlocks
Transformer Fuse MTG
Transformer Glastic Mounting brackets
Transformer HV ATC
Transformer HV Cabinet
Transformer HV Patch Plate
Transformer HV Throats
Transformer LV Throats
Transformer Pentahead MTG Brackets
Transformer Pipes
Transformer Square Pads
Transformer TPHHC
Transformer TPPRDC
Transformer Transitions
Transformer Ground Pads
Transformer Transition Gauge


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