Pro Weld brings to You Customizable Metal Catch Basin Drain Grate 

Do you need a heavy-duty metal catch basin for repeated truck and auto traffic? Metal basin grates are better than plastic. If you seek materials that are durable for daily traverses, Pro Weld is here to offer you industrial strength steel grates.

You will find our steel grates totally satisfactory. Our commercial American-made sturdy catch basin grates are what you want. Your clients and hourly traffic will be safe rolling over these solid grates.

Metal grates are a type of steel catch basin for all weather use. Excessive snowfall drops through the steel grate perforations, as well as the runoff from roofs, roads and driveways. These industrial metal basins allows for more drainage while filtering debris.

Each drain catch basin is built in Oregon. The fabrication of each catch basin is for longevity and heavy-use. Pro Weld fabricated metal catch basins are customizable. We offer square metal grates, steel rectangle catch basins and the option to have galvanized steel catch basin drain grates.

Metal Grating

Steel grating made to last long term