Pro Weld brings you metal catwalks and steel walkways. Each custom walkway platform and catwalk is built to your design and application needs.

Give us a call, or email to discuss your facility, equipment and/or factory needs. We also take walkins to discuss your metal catwalks.

Metal Catwalk Staircases

Pro Weld offers: Custom Industrial Strength, Metal Catwalks for all types of structural steel and metal needs – Made in the USA.

Pro Weld, Inc. steel catwalks are long-lasting and low maintenance, ergonomic and standard along metal mezzanine structures.

Email “CATWALK” in subject line to: for material options (mild steel, aluminum construction, galvanized metal) and all color variations.

Catwalks are an ideal addition to ladders, staircases, heavy-duty machinery and all types of equipment platform needs. Pro Weld provides free quotes upon request.

Send AutoCAD 2000 DXF or DWG files through “contact us” area, email: or 541-826-1404.

Metal and steel catwalks can be powder coated, and ceiling-hung, or supported by surrounding structures. Often they are near steel rack systems, and have flat-bottom designs.

These steel catwalk walkways serve to connect hard to reach areas as a way to provide observation decks. Pro Weld’s team can design your catwalk to meet your needs, but will always exceed industry standards. Catwalks often feature expanded steel as the metal base to steel bar grating and structural metal.

Pro Weld can use steel grating aka grip strut to provide lightweight enforcement and slip-protection. Catwalks and metal walkways are ideal for inspections, machinery repair and simply observation decks. Walkway platforms and metal catwalks are a safe way to provide access to hard to reach areas.


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