Are you seeking a way to show off your entryway, deck or patio? You’ll want to check out our metallic corten patina plant pots. These planters are in vogue. They are a way to stylize your patio, corporate balcony and complex walkways. Each pot offers you a viable way to add style, shrubbery and visible space partitions.

Patina Planter displaying corten

Corten metallic planters provide a stylized pot for your plants.

Patina pot planters reach speak of the ancient mid-century design era. The pots are custom made and are available in all sorts of shapes. These metal planters are classy with their metallic corten aged appearance.

Pro Welds team has been custom fabricating patina planters in for years for exclusive private estates, and as well as publicly held companies. They will take an order of one planter pot, or quantities of 500 metallic corten pots.

Providing practical metal products for gardening and design has never been this fun. The beautiful finish blends with nearly any decor. If your patio, balcony, or landscape needs a makeover, you will want to consider patina planters.

Why Metallic CORTEN?

We’re glad you asked. Steel that weatherizes through an organically natural process. Steel alloys is a way of which metals weather. Corten can be written cor-ten. It is a type aversion to deterioration – while maintaining earthy yellow, brown, orange and green tones.

The natural hues and tones of the patina pots is sweet eye-candy. Stronger than terracotta, these metallic pots are stronger than you think. The mid-century planters gives a worry-free aging process to last for decades to come.

Pots and Planters: Contemporary Steel Patina Style Steel patina planters designed by Pro Weld for corporate offices downtown Medford, Oregon