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Pedestrians are safer with steel pipe bollards provided by Pro Weld, Inc. in Oregon

Steel pipe bollards are a safety measure used citywide and around the world.

Example of Steel Pipe Bollard Blueprints

Steel pipe bollard blueprints mock-up by women-owned welding company Pro Weld, Inc. in Oregon

Pro Weld, Inc. Metal and Welding Solutions

Yes, we offer steel pipe cap plated bollards. We fabricate all that is needed to meet site improvement plans for parking lots and all types of metal project plans. We offer galvanized steel pipe bollards and powder coating options. We can mass fabricate bollards, and custom weld just a few if needed.

The typical 42” tall steel pipe welded out of schedule 40 pipe, with a 3” I.D. is often sought out at Pro Weld, Inc. These pipes are placed into the ground at 12” beneath the surface, and secured 18” into commercial concrete. The visible, steel pipe bollard is seen at 30” above ground level.

Our team is all about minimizing liability. Safety is security, so when it comes to metal barricades and steel solutions – we’re all about it. Why risk the well-being of people or property protection? No need to with our metal products” says Jim Oberlander, co-owner of Pro Weld, Inc. in Oregon.

It’s common to have a secure bar at the base of the bollard – which stabilizes the steel pipe bollard within the concrete. The bar is no less than a half a foot or more in length, often measuring in 1/2″ in diameter. Each bollard project may call for different specs, so we discuss in detail what will be the highest metal strength for each bollard project. We only move forward as each client approves the dimensions of the steel pipe bollards.

Bollards made of steel pipe are best for safety

Pedestrians can walk with maximum safety with the use of sidewalk steel pipe bollards.

Safe Welding Solutions for People & Properties

Parking Lot Safety, Use Steel Pipe Bollards

Safety steel pipe bollards are the safe way to barricade parking lots and property.

Our welding team manufactures steel pipe bollard welding solutions. We can install each steel pipe bollard as desired. Just simply ask for the steel pipe bollard install to be included in your quote request. Classically steel pipe bollards are non-removable; therefore, permanently set in commercial grade concrete. We can work with site cement crews, or supply the commercial grade concrete. Pro Weld works to optimize welding processes, so consider having us do onsite tack welding and bollard securing if needed.

We offer ground smooth metal edges.

Non-removable steel pipe bollard solutions.

Primed, galvanized or powder coated bollards in safety yellow after metal fabrication.

The steel pipe bollard can be hot-dipped galvanized at the base and assembled after fabrication.

Orient lock assembly parallel with pedestrian traffic.

Provide lock (upon request).

Pro Weld, Inc. posses all the proper state of contractor’s license. We pride ourselves in taking every measure to comply with each state, city and state department of environmental quality (DEQ) dust control regulations and DEQ 1200 C Permit Requirements.

Bollards are used as a way to safely prevent all sorts of damage. Think of the steel pipe bollard as a diversion from trouble be it personal property or the US embassy. Bollards are the exact barrier desired to create long lasting vertical posts to prevent, control and streamline ramming attacks, reckless drivers and freak weather damages. Often they serve as access to secure areas, and regulate unwanted traffic.

Whether you seek to make an architectural statement, are guarding a precious world-heritage site, or seek to provide visual guidance along tunnels — steel pipe bollards are the best way to secure structures and society.

Metal Fabrication and Welding Experts

Don’t hesitate to call the experts on your metal projects. We can be reached at 541-826-1404. Feel free to email metal plans, engineer blueprints and steel drawings to: We discuss your safety steel pipe bollard solutions, and including uses, custom sizes and delivery schedules.

Protect pedestrians by replacing plastic bollards with steel permanent steel pipe bollards.

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