We are here for you…every step of the way!

Is it time for a staircase remodel? Easily replace front entrance stairway with a custom fabricated spiral stairwell. Don’t fret the design, we are here for you…every step of the way!

Our expert fabricators create custom modern and creative staircase designs which last for generations.

Any metal shape, and any size…our fabricators can work with your napkin designs! Bring your inspirational railing ideas to us for a free quote.

Whether you need a modern stainless steel railing which greets visitors at your entry way, or a safety handrail for an outdoor balcony – we have got you covered.

Metal Steps in Production

Stairs welded by Rogue Community College Intern, soon to be expert fabricator securely welds safety steps.

Call us for a quote on the staircase of your dreams!

Custom Staircase

This up-and-coming fabricator is a part of the RCC internship program.

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Friday Flashback to Safety Cart Fabrication

Expert fabricator welds side panel for safety carts. Remember to bring in your custom railings, staircases and all your commercial fabrication needs.

Expert Fabricator welding on custom safety carts.

Expert Fabricator welding on custom safety carts.

Call us today for a FREE quote 541-826-1404.
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“How To Torch” Circles in Tube Steel (Informal)

Watch as expert fabricator and welder, Jim Oberlander hand torches vent holes for galvanizing (with an oxy acetylene flame) on industrial tube steel. Oberlander’s highly skilled in welding fabrication, project management and metal craftsmanship. Yet he puts down the pen and picks up the torch to take welding and fabrication breaks since metal fabrication is his expertise and hobby. Oberlander views his work as a way to set the standard for quality custom fabrication at Pro Weld’s welding shop.

These are imperfect circles for the purposes of galvanizing vent holes only. Pro Weld typically uses torching guides and tools for precisely cut circles, but for galvanizing vent purposes, the imperfect circles are sufficient.

See one part of the fabrication process as Oberlander torches circular cut outs without the use of torch cutting guides on three square tubes of steel.

These industrial tube steel pieces were welded, sanded, and torched in our White City facility, then delivered to a PUD project on the Oregon Coast. The weight alone per square tube steel is impressive demanding use of Pro Weld’s 5-ton overhead cranes. The fabrication of this project was completed in the Rogue Valley weld shop near Medford, Oregon in less than a month from start to finish.

Pro Weld owner Jim Oberlander oxy acetylene torches circle in industrial tube stee.l.

Pro Weld owner Jim Oberlander oxy acetylene torches circle in industrial tube steel.

Call us today for quotes structural steel fabrication or bid requests at 541-826-1404 or email directly at info@pro-weld.com.

“She Flies With Her Own Wings” – Representing Oregon Fabricators

Oregonian women tend to embody the “She Flies With Her Own Wings” (Alis Volat Propriis) State Motto. Although the “Rosie the Riveter” and “Wendy the Welder” days have not returned, we expect more hand-made metal and steel specialty welding products brought to the market by women fabricators. Since striking an arc in the welding fabrication business in 1993, Pro Weld has offered equal opportunity to women fabricators and welders; yet not one has applied for a welding job.

Pro Weld is women-owned and operated, and encourages women in entrepreneurship. “We are yet to have our first woman fabricator and welder,” Owner Penny Oberlander states. “The large welding and fabrication work-spaces combined with easy-access 5-ton overhead-cranes should draw women fabricators. Not to mention the unparalleled beautiful views of the Table Rock Mountains, and Mt. McLoughlin…what more could prospective women fabricators want?”

So is there a resurgence of women fabricators and welders in Southern Oregon? Not from what we can see at Pro Weld, just five minutes northeast of Medford, Oregon. Women fabricating and welding applicants continue to be non-existant in Southern Oregon steel fabrication shops.

But it will not be a surprise to see the trend change over-time in the Medford, Oregon region.

Women Welders

Margaret Bourke-White—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images
Not published in LIFE. Women welders, Gary, Ind., 1943.

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CNC Plasma Cutting Table Quotes

Spring 2015 is here! Bring your CNC Plasma Metal Art & Designs to us for a quote or sample!

Check out this new video {23 seconds!} of the precision cnc plasma cutting table producing high quality work. This new plasma table has drawn interest throughout the Medford, OR and Southern Oregon surrounding areas as this heavy duty table offered is one of the only offered by metal fabricators in the Rogue Valley.

Whether you have 1″ plasma cuts to be made, Pro Weld is where you will find the best CNC plasma cuts!

No Weld Too Small

This week Pro Weld took on an abnormally large welding job. Partin Forest Products brought in their Morbark “Chiparvestor” which enabled Pro Weld’s fabricators to rise above the average welder’s expertise. This titanic size mobile Chiparvestor allows Ron Partin (owner) to produce what is considered “clean chips” which is sold to paper mills throughout Oregon and around the Colombia River Basin such as Georgia-Pacific and KapStone Paper.

The machinery had many failing welds, cracks and critical areas with wear-and-tear too significant to ignore. The chipper takes in whole logs (trees and limbs) and has two separate diesel motors which can split 40’ long trees that are 22” in diameter.

Partin stated, “Pro Weld was an easy choice due to location and reputation – their work is always great.”

He explains, “The chipper is a highly specialized machine – but Pro Weld had no issue brainstorming and creating solutions for each area to be fabricated and welded.”

Partin Forest Product Chiparvestor

Fabrication on Partin Forest Products Wood Chipper

Pro Weld fixed the critical frame cracks including one on the loading table, and several other major stress cracks.

“I like that Pro Weld fabricates whatever I need. I am impressed with how perfectly straight their cuts are – one part I brought in started off jagged and they custom fit it perfectly,” says Partin satisfied.


Partin Forest Products @ 541-441-7744

2263 NE Spalding Ave
Grants Pass, OR 97526


Ending 2014 & Looking Toward a Bright 2015!

The Pro Weld Crew would like to thank all who contributed in the success of 2014! We anticipate an exciting 2015 in our metal fabrication shop, and will continue to be a positive influence on the global economy.

Next month we introduce two new faces at the front desk. We will be participating in the Cooperative Work Experience (CWE) program through Rogue Community College (RCC). These interns will use their time at Pro Weld as their classroom experience, and add to the Pro Weld culture.

We are also in the preliminary stages of planning with SOU‘s upper division “Applied Business Research” teams to analyze and hone in on our Iron Horse BBQ client base through survey research.

With those changes, we will also be posting new photos and videos produced by a local photographer Kevin Jantzer.

Kevin Jantzer shoots action shots of welding fabrication in White City

Kevin Jantzer shoots action shots of welding fabrication in Southern Oregon

Remember to stop in to see our latest CNC Plasma Table, and bring your custom plasma parts and projects! See Shady Cove Family Dentistry‘s outdoor sign below.

CNC Plasma Table

CNC Plasma Table in process

CNC Plasma Custom Sign

Prototype CNC Plasma Sign for Shady Cove Family Dentistry

Thank you for choosing Pro Weld for your metal fabrication needs. We wish you a SAFE and JOYFUL New Years.

See you next year!


Let the Sparks Fly

Welding dates back to the Iron and Broze ages. Who doesn’t love to see metal forged, sanded and welded — creating a one-of-a-kind item?

Here is a short video of welds done for an Iron Horse BBQ…slowed WAY down.

Watch as the various colors illuminate the screen and fiery sparks fly. Although Pro Weld is only demonstrating one type of welding here, there are numerous ways to weld.

– Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) – aka “Stick Welding”
– Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) – aka “TIG (tungsten, inert gas)”
– Gas metal arc welding (GMAW) – aka “MIG (metal, inert gas)”
– Flux-cored arc welding (FCAW)
– Submerged arc welding (SAW)
– Electroslag welding (ESW)

See wiki for more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welding

Observe How to Weld – FAST, FURIOUS & FUN!

The countdown is on! There are less than 16 days until Santa comes to town, and all our elves are working around-the-clock to fabricate toys and gifts for Christmas.

Soon we will be presenting a custom made Iron Horse BBQ to “LAS VEGAS’ Favorite Charity” the
Opportunity Village Website.

Watch this quick upbeat video on how to weld. Let yourself be mesmerized by the brilliant colors reflecting spectacular shades as sparks fly and are reflected on the fabricator’s welding mask. This one minute video will let you see from the eyes of a professional how simple the welding technique can be.

This is one of a kind, custom fabricated “Iron Horse BBQ” will be presented to the world-class “Opportunity Village” non-profit organization for people with disabilities in the heart of Las Vegas.

See their website at http://www.opportunityvillage.org/ for more on what you can do to spread the word, contribute and make a difference in the lives of those in need.

For more info on the Iron Horse BBQ (the western themed commercial BBQ Grill) see

Keep an eye on our “NEWS” section as we shed light on welding advice, inspirational projects and ways to produce the perfect weld.