Metal Catch Basin Grates

Custom Fabricated Metal Catch Basin Grates

Last week Pro Weld’s team produced sets of custom metal safety catch basin grates. The dimensions as requested by the client allowed our welding team to provided exactly what was needed to prevent debris from slipping into drain holes.

Metal Grating and Steel Bar Grating provided by Pro Weld, Inc.
Steel grating made to last

Dimensions for the metal catch basin grating:

  • 28″ x 28″ x 2″ with a flat bar strip on 4” centers

Storm drains are purposed to allow ground water and rain to drain seamlessly. These metal grating systems are a way for steel catch basins to filter large branches, garbage and unwanted items from entering. Each storm drain metal grate can be found infrastructure along car parks, city streets, sidewalks, and roofs.

Excellence in metal welding and fabrication brought our our steel company products to the international realm,” says Penny Oberlander, co-founder of Pro Weld. “We’re all about durability and strength.

Pro Weld’s team works daily to meet your metal fabrication and steel needs. The fabrication process is straightforward and seamless for us. The high heat and practice of metal welding excellence has been a key to Pro Weld’s long-term success.

These steel catch basins are strong and smooth, and long-lasting metal bar grating. These durable steel bar grates are certified welded. Each metal bar grate is load bearing for all types of use. Whether you seek welded metal bar grating for pedestrian foot traffic or vehicle traffic – Pro Weld exists to provide you with the metal welding you desire.

Covid-19 Update: We’re SAFELY open CRUSHIN’ all COVID scares with and for you. Welding is a safe way we turn up the heat, and offer you help on your metal projects in this time.

ANNOUNCING: Sanding discs + flap wheels. Pro Weld offers best seller flap discs on our site. Feel free to call in with your order as well.

Check out flap abrasives: 541-826-1404 to order.
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8/14 Covid-19 Update: Patina Planters Metallic Corten Pots

Covid-19 Update: Welcome to FRIDAY folks. We are here for your welding and metal needs. The coronavirus allows us to take another look at SAFETY for you. We’re taking wise steps to avoid COVID-19 spread.

If you are feeling sick, call us rather than visiting. A welding expert is available at 541-826-1404 as we encourage you to please stay home if you feel ILL.

If not, we welcome walkin to our beautiful welding lobby which has more than 6′ areas for contactless discussions. Drop in to 1316 Avenue G White City, OREGON 97503 for welding shop services. We are an family-friendly, All-American welding company.

See our website to see a sample of work Pro Weld’s team has fabricated. Our welding team is certified and great at problem-solving.

Metallic patina planter pots anyone? Pro Weld slams out the style on these timeless patina planter boxes. These natural colored pots are in vogue. We get it. They offer a viable way to add style, shrubbery and even room partitions.

Metallic Corten Planters featured Patina Style by Pro Weld 541-826-140.

Patina pot planters reach back into ancient times. They come in all shapes. These metal planters are classy with their metallic corten aging.

Pro Welds team has been custom fabricating patina planters in for years for exclusive private estates, and as well as publicly held companies. They will take an order of one planter pot, or quantities of 500 metallic corten pots.

Providing practical metal products for gardening and design has never been this fun. The beautiful finish blends with nearly any decor. If your patio, balcony, or landscape needs a makeover, you will want to consider patina planters.

Why Metallic CORTEN?

We’re glad you asked. Steel that weatherizes through an organically natural process. Steel alloys is a way of which metals weather. Corten can be written cor-ten. It is a type aversion to deterioration – while maintaining earthy yellow, brown, orange and green tones.

The natural hues and tones of the patina pots is sweet eye-candy. Stronger than terracotta, these metallic pots are stronger than you think. The mid-century planters gives a worry-free aging process to last for decades to come.

Metallic Corten Patina Plant Pot Sizes

Did you know you can order custom planter boxes from Pro Weld? Send us your dimensions and we’ll begin the discussion. Pricing will vary based on material, dimension and color changes.

We now offer our top-of-the-line, best seller flap discs: to order call 541-826-1404.
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8/13 Covid-19 Update: Coronavirus-Free Lobby + Welding Services

Update on Crane Services, Coronavirus-Free Designated Lobby + Welding Services

Crane and rigging services
Rigging + Crane Services by Pro Weld’s certified welding crew

YES… We’re OPEN and devoted to offering YOU welding and cranes services! You can seek a metal or crane service bids via phone, email and in person.

Pro Weld’s team of metal and crane experts welcome you to come to our 14,000 square foot welding shop. We have designated coronavirus-free lobby areas, allowing for more than 6 feet of space to keep you safe from COVID-19 fears.

We’re esteemed for our welding excellence,” smiled Penny Oberlander, co-founder and crane operator. “What you will find is our crane services compliment our fabrication and jobsite services.”

We offer YOU this safe place to problem-solve your metal welding projects amid it these unique times. Be sure to drop into our marked-off Covid-19-free area. We are ready to host you in our welding lobby to discuss your metal and welding needs.

Crane + Rigging Services y Pro Weld welding crew
Welding, Crane Services and Construction Site work by Pro Weld

In the midst of this coronavirus-time Pro Weld bring to you the best of welding, rigging, crane services construction services. Our welding shop helps complete your metal braking, steel shearing, while providing:

  • 45 Ton Crane Service
  • 14 Ton Boom Truck
  • Twin 5-Ton Overhead Cranes (inside Pro Weld, Inc.’s welding shop)

Our company is a highly-reputable metal welding shop with everything from cnc plasma water cutting table… to onsite welding services. Explore our site for many other metal welding and steel manufacturing services offered. We are always here for you.

Rigging and crane service or welding it doesn’t matter: we’re here for you,” states Jim Oberlander, 100 TON crane operator and co-founder. “We lift your loads be it trusses, or HVACs. We make your crane and welding jobs easy.

If you seek to hire a crane rigging service, our team is here to answer your inquiries. We offer our welding shop to all sizes of metal and steel job projects. In the interim, we pick up your loads.

Crane Rigging Services

Our welding crew brings to you full-service crane solutions. Our certified crane and rigging service team is beyond capable. They are legit. In a day’s work, our whiz welding team pivots from welding to rigging in no time.

You will see Pro Weld’s crew supplying metal brackets, steel braces, and buckets for residential construction jobs. Not only does our welding team fabricated metal brackets for each truss, but they provide the means to hoist trusses, beams and roof materials.

Mobile welding services are easy for us. We make your heavy loads easily lifted by offering our boom truck and cranes services at the same time. You may spot our trucks and welding crews on industrial and residential construction sites.

Click here: Crane and Rigging Questionnaire

Steel & Metal Welding Services

Metal Electrical Pole Covers CNC Plasma Cut
Metal Electrical Pole Covers CNC Plasma Cut

We deliver on your metal and welding jobs. If you seek structural steel vendors call us. We plan out every substation structural steel welding job every specification. Structural steel jobs receive equal attention as crane jobs.

Remember we have CNC plasma cutting services. In the above, see a custom cnc cut metal electrical pole covers cut by Pro Weld’s CNC plasma water table. We can take your hand sketched ideas and turn them into .
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➤ Crane Rental Services

➤ Metal Welding Project: Steel Substation Structure RFQ|RFI

➤ Welding Substation:

➤ CNC Plasma Cutting Table

➤ Metal Welding Management: Pro Weld’s Welding Ownership

Pro Weld brings YOU Mercer Abrasives Flap Discs

Product Highlight: Pro Weld offers YOU Mercer Abrasives Flap Discs for purchase

Zirconia abrasive flap discs for sanding metal
Welding can be smooth with these sanding flap discs and zirconia abrasives

Come to Pro Weld for YOUR welding needs… and flap discs by Mercer Industries Abrasives. Our welding team swears by these sanding discs, so we’ve decided to bring them to YOU. Our welders love the efficiency and durability.

If you seek metal cutting tools, or metal flap discs to debur, and metal + wood sanding. Our metal sanding flap wheels are the right type of disc for every job.

Metal Cutting with Double Reinforced Sanding Disc + Flap Discs

Check out the metal welding jobs and steel projects Pro Weld utilizes Mercer Industries Abrasives for every day at Give us a call to order your Mercer Abrasives for your flap disc and sanding needs.

Zirconia abrasive flap discs for sanding metal
Flap Disc for Metal Cutting Provided by Pro Weld/figcaption>

These heavy-duty, round sanding discs off you the best of flap disc materials. Each metal cutting flap disc is approved ANSI and OSHA regulation. We offer a wide selection of sanding heavy-weight, top of the line sanding discs.

Zirconia abrasive flap discs for sanding metal
Pro Weld distributes sanding and flap discs for Mercer Abrasives

Mercer Abrasives Site Abrasives Description:

More from Mercer Industry Abrasives Site:

“Our disc features an extremely tough Zirconia abrasive grain. They remain sharp for the duration of their long life making them ideal for heavy stock removal. These multi-purpose discs can be used for grinding, deburring, edge chamfering, blending & finishing. Flat shaped designed for working on flat grinding surfaces.

“Type 27 discs are most efficient when used between 0 degree to 15 degree angle and the best choice for smooth finishing. High Density discs have 40% more abrasive cloth than our standard discs which provides longer life and twice the removal rate while producing a softer grind.

“The thicker design conforms better to irregular shapes. Standard discs are a general purpose discs intended for applications that do not require extensive material removal.”

Material Usage: Aluminum, Ferrous Metals, Fiberglass, Metal, Non-ferrous metal, Paint, Stainless steel, Steel

Industry: Aerospace, Construction, Fasteners, Industrial, Marine, Metalworking, MRO, Plumbing, Ship Building, Welding (Tools: Angle Grinder)

  • Does the job of a grinding wheel and a resin fibre disc
  • Best used at a 0-15 degree angle
  • T27 shape best choice for smooth finishing
  • Long lasting, sharp grain
  • Most popular flap disc for stainless steel and big jobs
  • Highest quality Zirconia grain
  • Strong fiberglass and X-weight cloth backing
  • T27 shape good for working on flat grinding surfaces
  • Available in High Density and Standard Density
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➤ Metal Welding Project: Steel Substation Structure RFQ|RFI
➤ Welding Substation:
➤ CNC Plasma Cutting Table
➤ Metal Welding Management: Pro Weld’s Welding Ownership

Consider Pro Weld’s tops seller abrasive and sanding disc used in welding shop

8/10: Covid-19 Monday Update

Oregon Welding Shop

Weekly Covid-19 Welding Update by Pro Weld in White City

It’s another brightly beautiful Southern Oregon Monday. Our metal welding expert team is energized anew to weld for YOU! They simeotaneously aim to eradicate your Covid-19 fears.

In 144 days, the year 2020 is over. We plan to help YOU end STRONG with Pro Weld. 

Metal metals by Pro Weld

Our welding team continues to take a stand against Covid-19 death tolls. The threat of the coronavirus entering our community continues to plummet. We are doing our part at our welding facility

If you have been to our welding shop since March, you know the measures we have taken to stop the Covid-19 spread. There is more than 6 feet roped off to allow YOU, welding vendors, metal clients and fabrication employees safe. These measure are to maintain the recommended coronavirus social distance practices.

We proactively provide you space to breath stress-free in this coronavirus time. You are encouraged to bring your welding ideas and designs to us. Begin with playing around on our welding pages here

All the while, remember that Pro Weld is more than an average welding shop. We have an official distributorship as an authorized vendor of Mercer Abrasives. If you are seeking a smooth way to remove sharp edges: consider Mercer Abrasives. 

Metal sanding disk abrasives

Mercer Abrasives certifies Pro Weld, Inc. as an official sanding disk abrasive seller

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➤ Crane Rental Services

➤ Metal Welding Project: Steel Substation Structure RFQ|RFI

➤ Welding Substation:

➤ CNC Plasma Cutting Table

➤ Metal Welding Management: Pro Weld’s Welding Ownership

Excellence in metalwork + certified welding

Bring your metal welding designs, ideas and jobs to us! We are an AMERICAN-owned steel company. We offer you the excellence in metalwork, and certified welding. It’s just that simple.

Transport cylinders by safety pallets
Safety cylinder rite pallets for easy access forklift transportation.

Metal welding and steel fabrication is what we do for YOU. There are so many metal products and services we offer. If you need custom metal welding, we can do that too!

An example of our specialty metal products is our galvanized cylinder pallets are fabricated by Pro Weld’s welding team in Oregon. We find shipping safety pallets is no issue. Global purchasing agents order there highly-durable, customizable forklift-ready pallet to secure and store gas cylinders.

Heavy-duty galvanizing is ideal when you seek weather resistant products. Galvanizing metal makes the materials tough, long-lasting. Handrails, safety carts, and forklift accessible cylinder pallets are often galvanized.

Pro Weld brings you certified welding for your metal jobs.

Galvanized pallets are optimal for metal outdoor steel products. The process metal products go through to get the full zinc coating creates durability. You may choose to have galvanized carts or safety cylinders in order to prevent rusting. These weatherized cylinder rite pallets help you see how our welding products can go from excellent to praiseworthy.

Beyond metal carts and pallets, our welding team has been cutting, bending and braking all shapes and sizes of metals. You think it, we create it. We can help you.

Pro Weld brings you the best of old-school metal industry experience and knowledge.

If you want to know more about how Pro Weld can assist you in meeting your metal and welding job needs, visit the following.

➤ Welding Company Owners’ Coronavirus Announcement:

➤ Crane + Rigging Rental Services: 

➤ Welding Steel Substation Structures:

➤ CNC Plasma Cutting Table Services:

➤ About Pro Weld Fabrication and Metal Welding Company:

Hooked on Pro Weld’s Crane + Rigging Services

Are you researching crane and rigging services in Oregon? You need to look no further. Pro Weld brings you the premier rigging + crane service operation. We offer you our 45 ton crane and 14 ton boom truck. Our expert rigging service team is here for you.

Pro Weld, Inc. brings you certified crane + rigging services outside of the metal and steel welding.
Certified crane and rigging services provided by structural welding company: Pro Weld, Inc.

We bring your crane rigging services to a whole new level. Pro Weld’s skillful welding team provides professional rigging services. Your projects are optimally operated no matter the job be it metal structures, crane services or rigging support.

We are adept at lifting and rigging your heavy loads,” commented Penny Oberlander, co-founder and 100 ton certified crane operator. “There is no ego involved with heavy equipment crane job we focus on competence and safety.”

We are committed to lifting YOU up. With our extensive crane and rigging service knowledge, we’ll make YOUR jobs simple. Your safety and satisfaction is paramount to us.

YOU will like the way we safely bring you the best of crane and rigging services. Our crane equipment offers a wide array of heavy rigging and transportation support services.

“We offer the best of crane and rigging services,” commented Jim Oberlander, co-owner and 100 ton certified crane operator. “You’ll be hooked on Pro Weld once you use our services.”

The skilled team forms, fabricates and bends all types of metal. Our crane and rigging services begin and end at our 1316 Ave G White City, Oregon 97503 welding facility. Once you hire us for your rigging and crane services YOU will be HOOKED.

Call for rigging and crane rental prices today 541-826-1404 or check to see what Pro Weld offers beyond crane and rigging services. Request the one page crane rigging services questionnaire today.

We offer the best of metal and steel welding services. Pro Weld extends into all sizes of construction, metal + steel industry services and support.

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➤ Welding Steel Substation Structures:

➤ CNC Plasma Cutting Table Services:

➤ About Pro Weld Fabrication and Metal Welding Company:

8/4: Covid-19 Update

We do welding RIGHT for YOU in a SMART, SAFE, and STELLAR way

Pro Weld offers the best of welding while protecting YOU from the Coronavirus. Drop into our designated Covid-19 free space in our welding lobby to discuss your metal needs.

Welding by Pro Weld
Call us 541-826-1404 for help on your welding.

Pro Weld offers you a place to be COVID-19 SAFE while getting your welding jobs completed. Welding and metal fabrication can never be easier. We are an ISO compliant welding company offering numerous welding with crane and rigging services. If you seek experienced an American certified welding team: look no further.

You will see within moments of walking into Pro Weld’s 1316 Ave White City Oregon 97503 shop that welding is only half of what is performed. Our company also operates under a Woman-Owned business certificate, and has its own expert rigging and crane services.

With our real world experience, we offer you welding and metal fabrication work done right the first time. Professionalism is as seamless as our welding. Structural steel government scale projects, and specialty one-of-a-kind parts you can bring to us.

Pro Weld’s team is knowledgeable and experienced. Welding company owners’ coronavirus post:

➤ Crane Rental Services

➤ Metal Welding Project: Steel Substation Structure RFQ|RFI

➤ Welding Substation:

➤ CNC Plasma Cutting Table

➤ Metal Welding Management: Pro Weld’s Welding Ownership

7/31: Custom fabrication and metal welding

We bring you the sleekest welding lines. The strongest steel designs. And we meet your metal deadlines.

Steel flat top cable handrail for maximized visibility
Custom flat top metal cable handrail serves as security and safety provided by Pro Weld.

You dream: we do. Let us be your metal welding support team. Our welding shop gives you top-of-the-line industrial metal repairs and structural welding support.

If you seek sleek safety cable handrails call us,” commented Penny Oberlander co-founder of Pro Weld. “Our handrails are seen at multi-million dollar estates properties with river views and at the top of ridgelines.”

Professional welding and metal fabrication at YOUR service. Pro Weld, Inc. brings your metal and steel dreams to life. We give you reliable service, and world-class metal craftsmanship.

Metal welding performed at Pro Weld of Oregon.

Our welding team specializes in bringing you the best of industry practices. We are steel fabricators who dedicated to give time to your custom welding designs and metal projects. Request a quote from Pro Weld today.

Your metal and steel dreams to life with Pro Weld. We give you reliable service, and world-class metal craftsmanship.

“If you seek cheap, we may not be,” states Jim Oberlander, co-founder and master fabricator. “If you want you metal projects to long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing, and up-to-code Pro Weld is here for you.”

Welding fabrication goes beyond joining steels for material durability. Pro Weld finds that finessing each project is more like a form of art. Welds need not only able to bear weight, tensions and weather but pleasing to the eye.

The welding team specializes in bringing you the best of industry practices. It’s one thing for metals to be square, it’s another for it to be solid. The steel fabrication team is dedicated to your custom welding designs and metal projects have the mark of excellence.

Boxed steel design
Metal frame perfectly square, in phase one of the fabrication design.

You will find our family-owned and operated welding shop is more than a place to have your metals fabricated. It’s a place to submit your steel vision and watch it form into reality.

Our welding shop lobby has plenty of viewing areas. Upon request, our welding office staff can show you the best places to watch your raw metal materials fabricated from the ground up.

Working with Pro Weld is easy as we do more than provide welding services. Upon completion, your welding and fabrication can use our crane services. Our certified crane operators make setting your project in place seamless.

Certified crane and rigging services provided by Pro Weld.
Let Pro Weld, Inc. lift your heavy loads with our certified crane operators.

Our CNC plasma table is yet another tool to couple with your custom metal projects. Metal designs are endless with our specialty steel fabricating company.

Be sure to call our welding experts at 541-826-1404. Or drop us an inquiry at Visit us for more on how we can offer welding support and fabrication solutions to you.

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➤ Metal Welding Project: Steel Substation Structure RFQ|RFI

➤ Crane Rental Services

➤ Welding Substation:

➤ CNC Plasma Cutting Table

➤ Metal Welding Management: Pro Weld’s Welding Ownership

7/29: Welding-Wednesday Pro Weld’s Covid-19 Update

We are OPEN ready to help YOU with your steel and metal welding jobs. Bring your WELDING and metal needs to Pro Weld’s expert welding shop. Our certified metal and welding fabricators enjoy helping YOU.

Freshly sheared metal pieces fabricated by Pro Weld
Metal pieces sheared for custom job by Pro Weld’s certified welding crew

We work to stop COVID-19’s spread,” stated Penny Oberlander, co-founder. “We put into action the CDC recommended workplace strategies. Our office and welding teams are kept up-to-date with both industry and health standards. ”

You will find our welding teams have served the USA with our world-class products for nearly 30 years. To that end, did you know that Pro Weld’s welding products are found internationally.

It’s mind-blowing to consider how far our family-operated welding shop has gone,” stated Jim Oberlander, co-founder and Vice President. “It’s no small thing to have our Woman-Owned metal welding shop in Oregon globally acclaimed.

Pro Weld’s team of fabricators are here to offer you more than fundamental metal structures and supports. We provide welding solutions – far are above metal fabrication industry standards.

Our welding group is the best in the WEST. You will be pleased with our metal and fabrication designs. The craftsmanship is seamless. Our purpose is simple. We offer you the BEST of welding practices. Bring in your metalwork, repair, historical and structural restoration to see what Pro Weld can do for you.

Check our website for all types of welding services which extend into CNC plasma cutting, and artistic designs.

Remember to take the first step to get your welding jobs completed by calling 541-826-1404, or emailing and viewing our metal designs and welding job services at

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➤ Welding Substation:
➤ CNC Plasma Cutting Table
➤ Metal Welding Management: Pro Weld’s Welding Ownership