5 Secrets to Running a Successful Small Business

5 Secrets to Running a Successful Small Business

In any industry there are specific ways to get the advantage over competition, like how Pro Weld focusses on the quality of every single weld instead of rushing to boost the quantity of products produced.  There are also some secrets to running a small business in any industry.  Success of a business is not an accident, it is seeing what others in your industry do not see, then acting on that knowledge. Here are 5 secrets that will help you succeed in any industry:

  1. The Pro Weld team used welding secrets when helping the community when Extreme Makeover: Home Edition came to Medford, Oregon.

    The Pro Weld team helping the community when Extreme Makeover: Home Edition came to Medford, Oregon.

    1) Know how to delegate tasks and manage your own time.  In a small business the inclination is to do everything your self, but to succeed you need to be able to trust those that you put on your team.

  2. 2) Appreciate all every good thing that comes out of running your own business, no matter how small.  If you feel fulfillment from what you are doing for a living you will be more productive, and it will spread to everyone working around you!
  3. 3) Give back to your community in every way that you can.  This could include employing people in your community, or being a part of a project that helps people, an example of this is when Pro Weld helped when Extreme Makeover: Home Edition came to Medford, Oregon.  When you give back to the community it is not just good public relations, it will also give you the chance to build real relationships with others in your community.     

    Small businesses should have a goal of steady growth

    Small businesses should have a goal of steady growth

  4. 4) Don’t grow your business too fast, because it can lead to a multitude of problems.  Business growth should be done at a rate that you are able to keep up with.
  5. 5) Praise your employees in public, this will increase their confidence and make them actually want to work for you.  The other side of this is to criticize their work in private.  No one wants to be called out in public, and consistently doing this will decrease an employee’s motivation to do well in tasks that are assigned to them.

All of us at Pro Weld hope that these business secrets will drive your company to future success!

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Most Common Items Found in Tack Boxes

Most Common Items Found in Tack Boxes

Pro Weld has the most common items found in tack boxes for you

Pro Weld builds extremely durable and secure tack boxes.

Pro Weld tack boxes that are light weight and sturdy

Pro Weld tack boxes are relatively light weight but still maintain a sturdy build

Pro Weld makes tack boxes that are both visually appealing and secure.  Tack boxes are especially important for horse owners, here are the most common items found in tack boxes:

 -Bathing supplies, including ShowSheen

 -Medicines, fly spray, and First Aid kits

 -Blankets, polo wraps, and English Saddles

 -Riding helmets or hats, and fly masks

 -4H supplies and tools

 -Trail riding gear

Pro Weld makes high quality tack boxes that are made with lightweight durable aluminum, this makes these 12 pound boxes easy to move while staying strong.  Pro Weld can also make custom tack boxes that will fit where ever you need it and you can personalize the color of it and put on any logo that you want!  Pro Weld has the expert welders that are able to weld just about anything that you can come up with.    

All of us a Pro Weld hope that you enjoyed this list of the most common items found in tack boxes!

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Coming soon Thunder Cages

Coming soon Thunder Cages

Pro Weld is redesigning the website for a devision of their company called Thunder Cages. This devision of Pro Weld produces MMA Cages.  MMA (mixed martial arts) is a sport that is growing in popularity around the world.  Pro Weld manufactures high quality Thunder MMA Cages that come in a variety of sizes and have many customization options.

Here is a sneak peak at what the new Thunder Cages website will look like!

New Thunder Cage

Here is a sneak peak at the new Thunder Cage website

Here is a look at the old website that we are currently creating a new website to replace.

Here is the current thunder cages website, but Coming soon Thunder Cages website redesign

Here is the current Thunder Cages website home page

The redesigning of the Thunder Cages website should make browsing of the website easier and more enjoyable for our customers.  The website will allow users to be drawn in by a more appealing layout.

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Intern Creates Pro Weld Ad for Our Valley 2016

Intern Creates Pro Weld Ad for Our Valley 2016 

Pro Weld has decided to put an add into Our Valley, and they have given me, Cameron McKillop, the opportunity to put together the ad.  This internship is an incredible opportunity and the Oberlander family is giving me the experience to grow my skills.  Here are three of the ad ideas that I came up with for Our Valley 2016!

Pro Weld plans on posting an ad in Our Valley

The above ad shows how Pro Weld is not only a part of the Southern Oregon community, but has also given back to that community!

Possible Pro Weld Ad for Our Valley about fixing up a part of our local history

The above promotion shows that Pro Weld has been a part of a local and historic remodel in Medford, Oregon.

Our Valley Ad designed by intern

Pro Weld has fabrication experts that are able to do any welding job that you can think of!


Pro Weld has provided opportunities for local college students to gain real world experience. Business students get a chance to work on projects that have a real and visible impact.

I hope that you enjoyed these proposed ads that I put together! If you are interested in an internship opportunity, or any welding services provided by Pro Weld, call or Email us today!

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How Success is Grown in Life


Pro Weld poster on how good roots grow success

Pro Weld has become a successful welding company in Medford, Oregon since starting up business back in 1993.

How Success is Grown in Life

Pro Weld always strives for success, and their owner’s efforts have been rewarded through honors such as the 2005 Excellence in Family Business Award.  Success is not something that people stumble into, it takes persistence.  The famous phrase “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” works well with this idea of how success is built.  As it did not take just one day to build Rome, it takes hard work, perseverance, and grit to do well in just about any activity.  Professional athletes spend years training their bodies to compete for awards and the honors that they obtain.  Expert welders practice their trade, and just like any other activity, they learn more each day.  As a plant needs a solid root system to grow, we need a solid base to build up to our potential.  A characteristic, like being a hard worker, is a good base to build success on.  

All of us a Pro Weld hope that you enjoyed reading, and hope to hear from you!

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Presidents’ Day Weekend To-Do List

Presidents’ Day Weekend To-Do List

With Presidents’ Day weekend just about to start many people are looking forward to having an extra day off to get to their to-do list.  If you are one of those people Pro Weld can help you finish up some of those projects that have been on your list.  Our welding experts have been helping the Medford, Oregon community with their projects for over two decades.  With this amount of experience your projects will be done in no time!

With Presidents' Day weekend coming up it might be time to get to your to-do list

With Presidents’ Day weekend coming up it might be time to get to your to-do list

Here is a list of things that Pro Weld can help you check off of your to-do list:

Pro Weld can help you with these projects, and many others!

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The Top 5 Reasons You Should Start Welding


Pro Weld fabricators welding in the shop

Two Pro Weld expert welders at work in the shop.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Start Welding

Pro Weld’s shop always strives for excellence in welding, and with an increase in demand for their With a variety of different career paths to choose from, we would like to give you our top 5 reasons you should start welding:

1) With college tuition increasing at roughly 6% over inflation, and stagnant incomes in our current economy, going into welding is a financially sound career path.  Since the fabrication industry is growing, there are plenty of jobs with competitive salaries.

2) There is a need for welders everywhere, so you can get a job in any location that you would like to live.

3) Welding takes precision and is a skill based activity that could give you pride in your work!

Welder at Pro Weld using precision on their weld

Pro Weld fabricator using precision on a weld

4) There are endless opportunities when it comes to welding.  From running your own business (set your own rates and hours), to working for companies in a variety of industries, there will always be an opportunity for success!

5) For those that are creative, welding can bring ideas into reality.  This can come with a huge sense of pride in one’s work.

If you are an expert welder/fabricator you should check out our earlier post about current job openings here!

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6 Welding Tips All Fabricators Should Follow

6 Welding Tips All Fabricators Should Follow

Pro Weld fabricator maintains comfortable position while keeping a good view of the welding site.

Get a quote from Pro Weld, near Medford Oregon. This picture shows hot-shot welder, Ben as he seam welds with efficient precision.

Fabrication is a steadily growing industry, and we would like to give some tips to anyone interested in working as a fabricator.  To do this we will tell you our 6 welding tips that all fabricators should follow:

  1. 1)   Always properly clean materials prior to welding so that there is not grime or rust in the way that hurt your chances of making a good weld on your first try.

    Welders at Pro Weld maintain a well organized shop.

    Pro Weld employees pride themselves on keeping a safe and organized work space.

2)   Always setup your workstation in a way that you are able to comfortably manipulate the materials that are being working on, while keeping a good view of the weld by holding your head to the side of any smoke produced during the welding process.

3)   Safety should always be a fabricator’s top priority when welding. Welding should always be done in a well ventilated location, and you should always wear the proper protection for your eyes and skin.  When welding indoors always stand on a dry rubber mat, and when outdoors stand on a dry board to protect from electrical shock.

4)   Stay calm and comfortable when welding. This will help limit fatigue and decrease chance of injuries associated with repetitive movements.

5)   Know the properties associated with the materials being used, especially how they react to heating and cooling.

6)   Be ready to troubleshoot when things don’t work out how you expected. This is a key skill to have when working as a fabricator because it can cut down the costs associated with rework of a product.

All of us a Pro Weld hope that you enjoyed this list of welding tips!

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Welding Jobs: Now Hiring Fabricators for THE BEST Job in The World!

Pro Weld now offering various welding jobs for expert fabricators looking to join our growing team!!

Welding jobs available at Pro Weld

Pro Weld Fabrication is GROWING and sparks are flying. Walk in today for more on the welding jobs available!

Do you love creating products and from scratch? Can you fabricate with precision, weld with speed and accuracy without breaking a sweat? If you can handle the “HEAT” walk in to see if you qualify! We are looking for well-qualified “can do” problem-solvers to join our welding and fabrication team in our state of the art 15,000 square foot facility.

We are busy GROWING! Pro Weld’s

metal fabricating shop is seeking:

  • EXPERT welders / fabricators. The candidates must be competent in mig/tig welding, and experienced at metal installation.  Sandblasting may be required based the welding shift load.
  • The qualified individuals must have a high attention to detail. The welding jobs are for expert welders who can think on their feet, work with minimal supervision and maintaining our high work standards.

Our projects include fabricating and welding a variety of metals types, such as steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Mandatory experience with MIG, TIG.

**CDL license is preferred and will have priority to this job opportunity**

Welding jobs

Welding Jobs at Pro Weld offer a chance to be on our welding team!


Skills and Qualifications:

– **Positive “CAN DO” attitude.**
– Must have HS diploma, GED or vocational school.
– Must have experience mig/tig stainless steel and galvanized welding.
– Knowledge of standard tools, materials, motions, and practices of the welding trade.
– Use of electronic welding equipment and other standard tools and equipment related to the trade.
– Ability to visually inspect welds to determine compliance with standards.
– Must be able to use algebra calculations to complete fabrication layout.
– Must be able to cut material with shear, band saw flame torch, and use a drill press and hand tools.
– Ability to fabricate templates and fixtures.
– Ability to be flexible and handle multiple tasks.
– Ability to interact with other team members in a professional manner.
– Ability to work in a high-paced, high-demand environment.

All welders and fabricators will be required to follow existing processes, multi-task, learn quick,  while collaborating with welding crew. This is a full-time position. We are offering part-time welding jobs for those who are highly motivated, skilled and match our company culture.

A weld test is required before employment to display machine competence (bring your own gear).

The job will include, but not limited to working with: shearing, forming, cold saws, band saws, flux core, MIG, inter-shield, steel erection. Must have 5 yrs in trade. (Candidates bring their own tools & welding helmets).

Walk-in candidates ONLY. (Please NO phone calls). Must pass weld test to qualify.
**CDL is a HUGE PLUS.**

This is a Drug-FREE work environment.

1316 Ave G White City, OR

Golden Lessons of Raw Grit

What generational gems of enduring success did you inherit?

It just hit me how rare it is to have parents married for 35+ years, who proactively perform – united in the very business they founded. The company’s inception began with a simple drive for excellence. Pro Weld, Inc. they named it fittingly. It was my dad’s hard-earned 401K, and my mom’s innate money sense (named Penny for a reason) that moved their vision to reality. 

It is strange they have worked side-by-side for 20+ of those years, but have not succeeded in killing each other (yet). They work in a sea of sharp metals which comprises their Women Owned metal fabrication business in petite Southern Oregon. They have trudged through years of hard ground which cause most sane entrepreneurs to cry “uncle.” Yet they move persist forward undefeated.

To add to this rarity, they give us kids an open checkbook of opportunity to impact their company based on our aptitude, attitude and interest.

Ironclad Heritage 

Eli and Jim Oberlander 1990s at Pro Weld

Eli and Jim Oberlander 1990s at Pro Weld

This rare family culture was passed on by two sets of biological great grandparents who found ways to be involved in every holiday, and birthday until I hit my early twenties. I admit at times the repetitive stories rung like the low-battery annoyance a fading hearing aid. But now, the very “white noise” survival stories are what I recall when I dig into our family and business history.

Their bouts of hard-times, the cruel world of small wages, hard-labor and the single orphaned piece of bacon sitting on a cold dinner plate between my malnourished great grandparents gives me great perspective. What was normal to them is now what I consider stories that sparkle in the light as true gems of courage and strength.

When I get a “wreck your day” gut punch of an email, I can only laugh. It occurs to me that everyone before me knew much harder conditions – and wore much thicker skin -while beating the odds in nearly every way.

Recalling the “Greats” 

My two sets of great grandparents were born in the 19-teens. Their lives were lodged in a special time in American history. They were forced to accept the morphing world of upgrades from trusted horse to automobile, from family farm to foreign factory. My “greats” accepted those changes, and buckled down as the storms of banking, famine and heartbreak came back with increasing hunger for more.

Great Grandpa Don Oberlander in Oberlander Heating, Co.

Great Grandpa Don (Sr.) of “Oberlander Heating” in the 1940s.

And this is where the lessons I’ve learned from both my parents, grandparents and “greats” converge. They tell of years of worthless land values (properties worth less than their mortgages for decades), and hard markets. On my mom’s side I hear of small toy truck routes, on my dad’s side I hear of “Oberlander Heating, Co.” in Rochester, Michigan closing in order to start fresh in Arizona.

Inspirational Raw Grit 

My greats, my grandparents and my parents have shown me with their lives the golden gems of success. Their raw grit, and Olympic-style resolve for better days provoke me to walk with an acute vision, integrity and a purpose to passionately change the world.

With the legacy of my “greats” in mind, I am honored to be featured in The Oregonian Magazine provided by OSU’s Austin Family Program for Excellence in Family Business. The golden lessons making Pro Weld an enduring success is an invaluable heritage forging our family legacy. This “raw grit” gene is a true inspiration.

Tanna Oberlander in the Excellence in Family Business Award Magazine published for the Business section of the Oregonian Magazine

Tanna Oberlander in the Excellence in Family Business Award Magazine, special edition published for the business section of the Oregonian Magazine.