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Thousands of pounds of steel. Hours of welding and fabrication labor.

Jim Oberlander with Structural Steel for Electric Substation at Pro Weld Fabrication

Jim Oberlander with Structural Steel for Electric Substation at Pro Weld Fabrication

The enormous welding jobs which include substation structural steel work displays Pro Weld’s capacity to utilize its 15,000 square foot fabrication facility. Although Pro Weld is known around Oregon for their commercial and residential handrails, gates, i-beams, crane work and the various other fabrication jobs, they are also a recognized “Supplier Diversity Vendor” for purchasing agents who are looking to bid out structural steel for substation procurement.
Towable Iron Pony BBQ

Towable Iron Pony BBQ for mouth-watering BBQ Steaks

Pro Weld brings all sorts of metal designs from dream-stage (or on blueprints) to tangible reality. They offer international BBQ fanatics and caters who need a mobile commercial size BBQ exactly what they desire. In the custom Iron Horse BBQ, smaller Iron Pony, and hand-built metal “Santa Fe Style” Cattleman’s BBQ Grill, Pro Weld offers cooks a way to BBQ hundreds of pounds of juicy BBQ steaks.

Pro Weld is not only producing residential structural and architectural products, they are actively involved in commercial-size fabrication projects which are bid through substation and electrical companies around the USA and in Oregon.

These industrial welding and fabrication jobs exhibits Jim Oberlander’s unparalled attitude to take on what most fabricators would be overwhelmed by. Oberlander is a leader in the metal and steel industry and has an incredible passion for excellence and drive for taking on difficult welding and fabrication jobs.

Jim Oberlander is highly qualified as an expert fabricator and steel detailer. His 35+ years of professional fabrication experience gives him the competitive edge.

As Pro Weld’s co-founder, Jim works with his wife Penny Oberlander and is the President of the business. The Oberlanders have built Pro Weld to produce high-end products with precise, world-class metalwork and fabrication. They operate at an industry standard which is applauded throughout Oregon and in the international market.

Pro Weld Fabrication Crew at Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in Medford Oregon

Pro Weld Fabrication Crew near the spiral staircase donated to the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition house given to the McPhails in Medford Oregon

Pro Weld’s fabrication team is able to customize designs and meet specific welding and fabrication needs whether it is on a specialty structural substation steel job, or spiral staircase. This family-owned fabrication team will meet your needs.

ATV Outdoor Adventure Metal Rack for Polaris Ranger

ATV Outdoor Adventure Rack for Polaris Ranger

Attention Outdoor Adventure Seekers:Pro Weld offers you has added another metal welding product to their work page! For more information on custom metal racks, contact us today!

Email us for pricing today!

Heavy Duty Rack by Pro Weld

Pro Weld’s welding shop fabricated this heavy-duty metal ATV Outdoor Adventure Rack for Polaris Ranger used by PPL, a local power company.





Each metal Polaris Ranger metal rack is welded and fabricated by hand at our Oregon fabrication shop, with precision and attention to detail. Our fabricators use Miller welders to join heavy-duty metals. Their expert welding combined with professional techniques will give you the longest lasting metal rack on the market.

ATV Outdoor Adventure Rack for Polaris Ranger
For more on these metal cargo and utility racks for trucks, vans, Polaris Rangers and metal carts see more at our ATV Outdoor Adventure Rack for Polaris Ranger Page.


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News Update: Donald Trump Would Be Proud of this Welding Shop

This month’s news from Pro Weld’s Southern Oregon welding shop brings the introduction of three new Rogue Community College (RCC) interns. Although the Cooperative Workforce Experience (CWE) program does not draw news throughout Oregon, it is what Donald Trump’s “Apprentice” tv show endorses through real-to-life workforce experience. The CWE program is positive news for the Rogue Valley and the education system in Oregon.

Donald Trump's Apprentice has nothing on us

Donald Trump’s Apprentice-type training at Oregon welding shop is worth posting on our news page. These local community college interns are in for a fun 11-weeks.

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Fast Turn Around Core Welding Repairs

Medford Area Company with Fast Turn Around on Core Welding Repairs

Who doesn’t love a spark show before the 4th of July?! The upbeat pace of sanding, grinding and welding brings a whirl-wind of fiery welds sparking down cores during repair. This image is hot off the shop floor where sparks shoot down cores while repairs are in progress for a large imaging company.

Pro Weld Fabrication welds and repairs cores

Imaging system cores need weld repairs with FAST turnaround at Pro Weld











“We are proud to see our fabrication crew hammer out work at lightning speed with accuracy and excellence,” says Penny Oberlander, co-owner of Pro Weld.

Be sure to call us for your weld and fabrication repairs and projects today: 541-826-1404.

Fabrication Crew Hits Another Level of High-Quality Welding

Pro Weld’s fabrication crew has hit another level of high-quality, speed welding this week. All welding workstations are buzzing and fully-equipped with a Miller Electric (MIG) welder and fabrication tools to manufacture a large international safety equipment project with confidence by Memorial Day.

Fabrication Shop in process of manufacturing safety units

Pro Weld Fabrication Shop in process of manufacturing safety units

While other Medford, Oregon welders seek welding jobs, or plan their three day weekend, these professional fabricators are focused on one goal: high-quality safety product manufacturing.

An international company awarded the significant contract to Pro Weld, who’s owner Jim designed the specialty safety transportation product to meet all regulatory requirements. The production schedule is slated for manufacturing 100+ units in short order.

Ergonomic Safety Units

Fabrication Shop Filled with Safety Products Manufactured at Pro Weld

This goal is just one of many for Pro Weld’s home-grown, award-winning family-owned business. “I believe in my fabrication crew’s capacity to out-weld their counterparts. We were pleased to design an ultra-safe ergonomic product for this specific industrial application, and then knocked every competitor out with our aggressive pricing.” says Jim Oberlander, co-owner of Pro Weld, Inc.

This grueling welding schedule has Pro Weld’s crew motivated and committed to their jobs and the client as they join each metal part together for the safety products and equipment.

From the Fabrication Floor: Safety Carts & BBQ Parts

2015 Utah Cattleman's BBQ Grill Welding

Expert Fabricator Welds Parts for BBQ Grill Shipping to Utah this month.

As a local welding and fabrication business in the Medford, Oregon area we inspire our team to excel in mastering the art of welding. We train welders to have fun forming raw metals into creative steel designs and metal structures which will surpass the test of time. Metal structures produced in 2015 at Pro Weld range from industrial safety carts for gas cylinders, to MMA fighting cages for partner company Thunder MMA Cages to the all new XXL Cattleman’s BBQ Grill.

Pro Weld’s fabrication jobs include design work such as flat-top cable railing, and repair welding jobs (such as this week’s trailer bases).

The pictured railing demonstrates how handrail can be industrial, and yet have a modern and sleek design. Our expert fabricators take great attention to detail, bending, forming, welding sanding and grinding during the fabrication process. Our welders focus on producing industrial strength products and keep while keeping an eye on functional safety. They are experts in fabricating projects to perfection one seam line at a time.

Industrial Safety Carts

Metal Cylinder Carts

Safety Carts
The production of each steel cylinder cart displays the capacity to perform on manufacturing equipment specifically for any industry. The metal cylinder carts also have a type of locked steel cage which demonstrates our ability to create secure products (such as safe transportation of sensitive containers), and easy access for forklifts to safely store and transport all sorts of products.

Heavy Duty Cargo Door Security Lock

In search for an adjustable and secure heavy-duty cargo door lock for your precious cargo containers? Look no further. Pro Weld is introducing the latest heavy-duty equipment lock for storage containers, shipping containers, trailer doors and and cargo containers.

Heavy Duty Cargo Lock

Adjustable security cargo lock with customization colors and sizes.

Product experts marvel at this new expandable-width lock which secures nearly any door needing a padlock or security system.

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We are here for you…every step of the way!

Is it time for a staircase remodel? Easily replace front entrance stairway with a custom fabricated spiral stairwell. Don’t fret the design, we are here for you…every step of the way!

Our expert fabricators create custom modern and creative staircase designs which last for generations.

Any metal shape, and any size…our fabricators can work with your napkin designs! Bring your inspirational railing ideas to us for a free quote.

Whether you need a modern stainless steel railing which greets visitors at your entry way, or a safety handrail for an outdoor balcony – we have got you covered.

Metal Steps in Production

Stairs welded by Rogue Community College Intern, soon to be expert fabricator securely welds safety steps.

Call us for a quote on the staircase of your dreams!

Custom Staircase

This up-and-coming fabricator is a part of the RCC internship program.

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Friday Flashback to Safety Cart Fabrication

Expert fabricator welds side panel for safety carts. Remember to bring in your custom railings, staircases and all your commercial fabrication needs.

Expert Fabricator welding on custom safety carts.

Expert Fabricator welding on custom safety carts.

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“How To Torch” Circles in Tube Steel (Informal)

Watch as expert fabricator and welder, Jim Oberlander hand torches vent holes for galvanizing (with an oxy acetylene flame) on industrial tube steel. Oberlander’s highly skilled in welding fabrication, project management and metal craftsmanship. Yet he puts down the pen and picks up the torch to take welding and fabrication breaks since metal fabrication is his expertise and hobby. Oberlander views his work as a way to set the standard for quality custom fabrication at Pro Weld’s welding shop.

These are imperfect circles for the purposes of galvanizing vent holes only. Pro Weld typically uses torching guides and tools for precisely cut circles, but for galvanizing vent purposes, the imperfect circles are sufficient.

See one part of the fabrication process as Oberlander torches circular cut outs without the use of torch cutting guides on three square tubes of steel.

These industrial tube steel pieces were welded, sanded, and torched in our White City facility, then delivered to a PUD project on the Oregon Coast. The weight alone per square tube steel is impressive demanding use of Pro Weld’s 5-ton overhead cranes. The fabrication of this project was completed in the Rogue Valley weld shop near Medford, Oregon in less than a month from start to finish.

Pro Weld owner Jim Oberlander oxy acetylene torches circle in industrial tube stee.l.

Pro Weld owner Jim Oberlander oxy acetylene torches circle in industrial tube steel.

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