6 Welding Tips All Fabricators Should Follow

6 Welding Tips All Fabricators Should Follow

Pro Weld fabricator maintains comfortable position while keeping a good view of the welding site.

Get a quote from Pro Weld, near Medford Oregon. This picture shows hot-shot welder, Ben as he seam welds with efficient precision.

Fabrication is a steadily growing industry, and we would like to give some tips to anyone interested in working as a fabricator.  To do this we will tell you our 6 welding tips that all fabricators should follow:

  1. 1)   Always properly clean materials prior to welding so that there is not grime or rust in the way that hurt your chances of making a good weld on your first try.

    Welders at Pro Weld maintain a well organized shop.

    Pro Weld employees pride themselves on keeping a safe and organized work space.

2)   Always setup your workstation in a way that you are able to comfortably manipulate the materials that are being working on, while keeping a good view of the weld by holding your head to the side of any smoke produced during the welding process.

3)   Safety should always be a fabricator’s top priority when welding. Welding should always be done in a well ventilated location, and you should always wear the proper protection for your eyes and skin.  When welding indoors always stand on a dry rubber mat, and when outdoors stand on a dry board to protect from electrical shock.

4)   Stay calm and comfortable when welding. This will help limit fatigue and decrease chance of injuries associated with repetitive movements.

5)   Know the properties associated with the materials being used, especially how they react to heating and cooling.

6)   Be ready to troubleshoot when things don’t work out how you expected. This is a key skill to have when working as a fabricator because it can cut down the costs associated with rework of a product.

All of us a Pro Weld hope that you enjoyed this list of welding tips!

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Welding Jobs: Now Hiring Fabricators for THE BEST Job in The World!

Pro Weld now offering various welding jobs for expert fabricators looking to join our growing team!!

Welding jobs available at Pro Weld

Pro Weld Fabrication is GROWING and sparks are flying. Walk in today for more on the welding jobs available!

Do you love creating products and from scratch? Can you fabricate with precision, weld with speed and accuracy without breaking a sweat? If you can handle the “HEAT” walk in to see if you qualify! We are looking for well-qualified “can do” problem-solvers to join our welding and fabrication team in our state of the art 15,000 square foot facility.

We are busy GROWING! Pro Weld’s

metal fabricating shop is seeking:

  • EXPERT welders / fabricators. The candidates must be competent in mig/tig welding, and experienced at metal installation.  Sandblasting may be required based the welding shift load.
  • The qualified individuals must have a high attention to detail. The welding jobs are for expert welders who can think on their feet, work with minimal supervision and maintaining our high work standards.

Our projects include fabricating and welding a variety of metals types, such as steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Mandatory experience with MIG, TIG.

**CDL license is preferred and will have priority to this job opportunity**

Welding jobs

Welding Jobs at Pro Weld offer a chance to be on our welding team!


Skills and Qualifications:

– **Positive “CAN DO” attitude.**
– Must have HS diploma, GED or vocational school.
– Must have experience mig/tig stainless steel and galvanized welding.
– Knowledge of standard tools, materials, motions, and practices of the welding trade.
– Use of electronic welding equipment and other standard tools and equipment related to the trade.
– Ability to visually inspect welds to determine compliance with standards.
– Must be able to use algebra calculations to complete fabrication layout.
– Must be able to cut material with shear, band saw flame torch, and use a drill press and hand tools.
– Ability to fabricate templates and fixtures.
– Ability to be flexible and handle multiple tasks.
– Ability to interact with other team members in a professional manner.
– Ability to work in a high-paced, high-demand environment.

All welders and fabricators will be required to follow existing processes, multi-task, learn quick,  while collaborating with welding crew. This is a full-time position. We are offering part-time welding jobs for those who are highly motivated, skilled and match our company culture.

A weld test is required before employment to display machine competence (bring your own gear).

The job will include, but not limited to working with: shearing, forming, cold saws, band saws, flux core, MIG, inter-shield, steel erection. Must have 5 yrs in trade. (Candidates bring their own tools & welding helmets).

Walk-in candidates ONLY. (Please NO phone calls). Must pass weld test to qualify.
**CDL is a HUGE PLUS.**

This is a Drug-FREE work environment.

1316 Ave G White City, OR

Golden Lessons of Raw Grit

What generational gems of enduring success did you inherit?

It just hit me how rare it is to have parents married for 35+ years, who proactively perform – united in the very business they founded. The company’s inception began with a simple drive for excellence. Pro Weld, Inc. they named it fittingly. It was my dad’s hard-earned 401K, and my mom’s innate money sense (named Penny for a reason) that moved their vision to reality. 

It is strange they have worked side-by-side for 20+ of those years, but have not succeeded in killing each other (yet). They work in a sea of sharp metals which comprises their Women Owned metal fabrication business in petite Southern Oregon. They have trudged through years of hard ground which cause most sane entrepreneurs to cry “uncle.” Yet they move persist forward undefeated.

To add to this rarity, they give us kids an open checkbook of opportunity to impact their company based on our aptitude, attitude and interest.

Ironclad Heritage 

Eli and Jim Oberlander 1990s at Pro Weld

Eli and Jim Oberlander 1990s at Pro Weld

This rare family culture was passed on by two sets of biological great grandparents who found ways to be involved in every holiday, and birthday until I hit my early twenties. I admit at times the repetitive stories rung like the low-battery annoyance a fading hearing aid. But now, the very “white noise” survival stories are what I recall when I dig into our family and business history.

Their bouts of hard-times, the cruel world of small wages, hard-labor and the single orphaned piece of bacon sitting on a cold dinner plate between my malnourished great grandparents gives me great perspective. What was normal to them is now what I consider stories that sparkle in the light as true gems of courage and strength.

When I get a “wreck your day” gut punch of an email, I can only laugh. It occurs to me that everyone before me knew much harder conditions – and wore much thicker skin -while beating the odds in nearly every way.

Recalling the “Greats” 

My two sets of great grandparents were born in the 19-teens. Their lives were lodged in a special time in American history. They were forced to accept the morphing world of upgrades from trusted horse to automobile, from family farm to foreign factory. My “greats” accepted those changes, and buckled down as the storms of banking, famine and heartbreak came back with increasing hunger for more.

Great Grandpa Don Oberlander in Oberlander Heating, Co.

Great Grandpa Don (Sr.) of “Oberlander Heating” in the 1940s.

And this is where the lessons I’ve learned from both my parents, grandparents and “greats” converge. They tell of years of worthless land values (properties worth less than their mortgages for decades), and hard markets. On my mom’s side I hear of small toy truck routes, on my dad’s side I hear of “Oberlander Heating, Co.” in Rochester, Michigan closing in order to start fresh in Arizona.

Inspirational Raw Grit 

My greats, my grandparents and my parents have shown me with their lives the golden gems of success. Their raw grit, and Olympic-style resolve for better days provoke me to walk with an acute vision, integrity and a purpose to passionately change the world.

With the legacy of my “greats” in mind, I am honored to be featured in The Oregonian Magazine provided by OSU’s Austin Family Program for Excellence in Family Business. The golden lessons making Pro Weld an enduring success is an invaluable heritage forging our family legacy. This “raw grit” gene is a true inspiration.

Tanna Oberlander in the Excellence in Family Business Award Magazine published for the Business section of the Oregonian Magazine

Tanna Oberlander in the Excellence in Family Business Award Magazine, special edition published for the business section of the Oregonian Magazine.

Wishing a Restful and Happy Thanksgiving from Pro Weld

Our welding crew wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving from Pro Weld!

The four day thanksgiving weekend is expected to be one of the all-American traditional pie mixed with gratitude for the growing welding crew. While US steelworkers face uncertain markets and layoffs, the award winning women owned business grows its expert welding team. Thanksgiving week alone, Pro Weld hired  three full-time steelworkers and one part-time welder. As the welding production demand increases, so do the number of welders at the family-owned business.

Check out Pro Weld’s work page for more on recent welding projects and news!

Pro Weld near Medford Oregon produces International Metal Containers

Pro Weld near Medford Oregon produces International Metal Containers

The Medford, Oregon area has a steady flow of construction projects of which Pro Weld has seen its fair share of work (Avista Utilities alone won a $5 million construction pipeline project).  This November, Pro Weld fabricated welding jobs such as exterior (powder coated) handrails, portable Santa Fe BBQs to manufacturing products for international companies. These flat sheets of metal are each formed to create an application for international companies.

Iron Horse BBQ is a former subsidiary of Pro Weld. The portable BBQs are found in chef’s backyards, western-themed amusement parks, catering businesses and rental equipment stores. Each BBQ size offers cooks a way to grill award winning BBQ providing memorable brand-marketing.

Santa Fe XXL Portable BBQ at Pro Weld

Santa Fe XXL Portable BBQ at Pro Weld for Maltby Pizza & Pasta in Snohomish, WA

“Our welding crew is growing,” says President Penny Oberlander. “Growing pains are expected, especially as we hit another gear in welding manufacturing. We have welders in well-equipped welding stations which streamlines the work for high-quality, efficiency and safety.”

Pro Weld Exterior Metal Handrail in Medford Oregon Area

Pro Weld Exterior Metal Handrail Custom Fabricated

Stop by Pro Weld to see the metal move from raw steel to end-product. Pro Weld is offering welding jobs to the best and brightest, qualified and experienced welders. Walk in today for a job application at 1316 Ave G White City, Oregon.

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Senator Marco Rubio, Pro Weld agrees…”We Need More Welders”

Republican Debate Reveals Demand for Skilled Labor

Last week Marco Rubio, Florida Republican highlights what Oregon employer, Pro Weld faces as the business grows. This family operated, award winning, Women Owned welding company seeks welders to hire before the end of the year.

Women Owned Business, Pro Weld Seek Journeymen

Women Owned Business, Pro Weld Seek Journeymen in Medford, Oregon area welding shop.

“We need more welders and less philosophers” says Sen. Marco Rubio. Interesting statement, but in Medford, Oregon is it relevant? Perhaps, but the core problem is simply the lack of workforce. According to the 2014 Medford population estimate is there are 78,557 living within the city.  In a state of 3.97 million people, Medford may be an area of slim-pickings. Yet Pro Weld is optimistic that they can bring a spark to the area.

Pro Weld and Rogue Community College’s Welding Department Chair, Todd Giesbrecht today discussed creating a collaborative to use the CWE programs to prepare students for the workforce. The real issue goes back to a lack of ambition. The manufacturing workforce has a limited number of applicants and seems to be taking a hit in the across Jackson County (estimated population of 210,287 in 2014).

Giesbrecht is seeing a lack of job interest and ambition in students. However, it is hard to pinpoint if the issue of the American culture and entitlement mentality is strictly due to the “millennial generation” mindset.

Pro Weld trains workers, and provide a welding environment and allows for advancement through workplace excellence. But finding the welders who walk in with “can do” attitudes, is few and far between.

Welding in Medford Oregon

Pro Weld offers welders opportunities to weld, assist in crane services and skilled work in the Medford area family-owned welding company.

“Welders start above minimum wage,” says Penny Oberlander, Women Owned co-founder of Pro Weld. “Finding welders with the capacity to become excellent journeymen fabricators is not common.”

The discussion around Medford revolves around the lack of skilled workers, and second only to a growing group of able-bodied workers unwilling to pick up a welder, roll-up their sleeves and apply themselves.

US Dept. of Labor May 2014 Welding Wages

Annual Wages for Welders, Cutters, Solderers, and Brazers by area provided by the United States Department of Labor, May 2014.

In terms of annual mean wage, Jackson County, and Medford, Oregon is on the lower side of the United States as seen in the above for the geographic occupational profile.

According to the 2014 United States geographic occupational profile, philosophy and religion teachers are not prevalent (shown as non-existent) compared to welders in Southern Oregon area.

To apply for a welding job call: 541-826-1404

To explore the path of a welding career, visit Pro Weld’s beautiful 15,000 square foot facility just north of Medford, 10-minutes from the 1-5 Freeway near the Table Rock Mountains.  

1316 Ave G White City, OREGON 97503

For more on this discussion, see the following articles covering the discussion.

CNN – Marco Rubio’s Quip About Welders Gets Torched

Bloomberg – Rubio Has a Point About Welders

Huffington Post  Marco Rubio Responds to Question About Minimum Wage by Saying We Need Fewer Philosopers

Cutting Out the Competition with Fast Torching

Cutting Out the Competition with Fast Torching

Pro Weld is cutting out the competition with their fast welding production and torching efficiency.  This Woman Owned family business near Medford, Oregon is a welding company that knows that not all welding techniques are equal. Watch this short video to see how Pro Weld torches circles.

Why not bring your jobs in for quality welding and customizable designs through our in-house torching or CNC Plasma Cutting Table? Call us today at 541-826-1404.

Call Us today for Torch Cutting Services: 541-826-1404

Award Winning “Excellence in Family Business” Page

Check out our NEW Award Winning “Excellence in Family Business” page. Pro Weld is a recognized Women Owned award winning welding company. In 2005 OSU’s Austin Family Business awarded the Oberlanders the 2005 “Excellence in Family Business” in Portland. The award is recognized by the Oregon governor and awarded by a Panel of Judges comprised of past “Excellence in Business” family owned award recipients.

2005 Oberlanders Excellence in Family Business Awarded to Pro Weld from OSU

2005 Oberlanders Excellence in Family Business Awarded to Pro Weld from OSU

For more on the recognitions and excellence in business Pro Weld has achieved visit our welding company at 1316 Ave G White City, Oregon 97503.

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Rolling with Welding Production Demands

Pro Weld is on a welding and manufacturing roll. The small (15,000 square foot) facility is pumping out welding projects left and right. If you drop into the shop near Medford, Oregon you will see all types of welding projects. Welding customers see anything from oil-tight tanks to portable hardware storage organizational systems, Santa Fe “Cattlemans” BBQs and CNC laser cut designs on the shop floor.

Jim Oberlander Welders at Pro Weld near Medford Oregon.JPG

Pro Weld’s Co-Owner Jim Oberlander trains welders how to be accurate, precise and efficient when welding. Oberlander’s welding crew produces international oil tight tanks at record breaking speed near Medford, Oregon.

This is a great problem for Pro Weld. The Oberlanders are excellent at welding complex and intricate products and providing innovative timely solutions for projects (regardless of size). Customers throughout Medford, Oregon and from around the US seek the husband and wife team out to handle industrial welding projects which intimidate the less experienced.

“We’re finding our stride,” says Penny Oberlander, 51% owner of the ‘Woman Owned’ welding company. “It’s no longer about what we are capable of – it’s now about production. The question is how fast we can form raw materials and deliver.”

Pro Weld’s nearly 20 years of experience gives them the edge to problem-solving as a commercial and residential welding company. These International oil tight tanks will be transported to a local Medford, Oregon division before shipping to their end destination.

Medford Oregon Welding Company

Pro Weld’s Expert Welder Mark Exhibits the Company’s love for excellence, speed and quality welding near Medford, Oregon.

In addition to the international welding projects Pro Weld is processing this month, this family owned business is starting to publically display their awards for excellence in business program based out of OSU’s Austin Family Business Program.

For more information on the weekly welding projects, be sure to visit Pro Weld’s pages for updated welding pictures and content. The newest page added to Pro Weld’s site explores the OSU’s Austin Family Business program involvement and 2005 award given to the Oberlanders for Pro Weld for their Excellence in Family in Business Award.

Pro Weld's Oberlander Family Awarded Excellence in Family Business 2005

Pro Weld’s Oberlander Family Awarded Excellence in Family Business

Follow this link for more:  Award Winning Family Business.

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Bike Storage Cargo Box (All Weather)

Throwback Thursday: Bike Storage Cargo Box

    “You built what the dealer couldn’t provide, and in record time!
    I am amazed.” Stuart

Bike Storage Box by Pro Weld

Stuart with his new bike storage cargo box by Pro Weld near Medford, Oregon

Request for Bike Storage Cargo Box

This flashback is a great reminder of the fast and expert welding services provided by Pro Weld located near Medford, Oregon. This happy motorcycle-loving biker dropped in to solve his all weather storage issues. The bike rider was in route to Panama, needing a storage cargo box (serving as his luggage securely mounted to his bike for all weather conditions).

Stuart, the client walked into Pro Weld to create his welding project after visiting the bike dealer. Pro Weld’s welding crew met him paying special attention to the need for an all weather safe bike storage and cargo box. The welding crew took measurements and sketched out a simple design for the bike storage cargo with the dimensions they recorded.


Bike Storage Cargo Box (All Weather) by Pro Weld near Medford, Oregon

Pro Weld’s Problem-Solving: Custom Bike Storage Cargo Box
The solution for the his bike storage needs was a custom designed durable, light-weight bike box. Shortly after the meeting, Pro Weld presented the client with the product-solution.

Bike Storage Box by Pro Weld

Bike Storage Cargo Box (All Weather) before heading to Panama by Pro Weld near Medford, Oregon

Bike Storage Box by Pro Weld

Handwritten Thank You note from customer for Bike Storage Cargo Box (All Weather) by Pro Weld near Medford, Oregon

Bike Storage Cargo Box (All Weather) by Pro Weld near Medford, Oregon

Bike Storage Cargo Box (All Weather) by Pro Weld near Medford, Oregon

#TBT #MedfordOregon #Oregon #Bike #Storage #Welding #Custom

Give the Gift of Unique Metal Art

Plasma Cutting Services for YOUR Unique Metal Art Gifts This Christmas
Give the Gift of Unique Metal Art from Pro Weld’s CNC Plasma Cutting Services this Christmas.

Pro Weld Plasma Cutting Service Signs5

Pro Weld Plasma Cutting Service Welcome Sign made in Oregon welding shop

As the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday draw near with the cold breeze, Pro Weld’s cnc plasma table and Miller welding machines are heating up. Oregon natives can close their internet search for plasma cut designs on Pinterest and Etsy provided vendors (which will save on shipping and taxes costs) by driving just 10-minutes north of Medford, Oregon where our welding facility has its plasma cutting services available for uniquely custom metal art Christmas gifts, logo, and outdoor signs.

Call Us today for Plasma Cutting Metal Art Services: 541-826-1404

(See How Welding and Metal Projects are Made Easy By Pro Weld near Medford, Oregon)

Pro Weld Plasma Cutting Service Welcome Sign made in Oregon by welding company

Pro Weld Plasma Cutting Service Welcome Sign made in Oregon features beautiful wall art

Pro Weld’s all-American, woman-owned welding shop is utilizing the cnc plasma table cutting services for all shoppers in search of the best Christmass gifts that are memorable and made to last. These metal gifts, and custom stainless steel designs will make your top ten Christmas list!

Email us your plasma art designs NOW!

Each metal plasma-cut sign is a signature piece of art, regardless of function, size or design. Today’s metal sign welcomes clients to Pro Weld’s front office reception area. This beautiful cursive “Welcome” sign was burned on our 7’ x 12’ capacity plasma table with little energy or metal waste. The plasma cutting service from design concept to plasma metal art took 20 minutes. Our welding experts at Pro Weld are fast to design, detail metal art and logos for your custom metal art needs.

Plasma Cutting Service Welcome Sign made in Oregon at Pro Weld, a certified Woman Owned Enterprise

Pro Weld Plasma Cutting Service Welcome Sign made in Oregon at welding facility near Medford

Pro Weld’s plasma cutting services are efficient, and have little (to no set-up).

Pro Weld Plasma Cutting Service Welcome Sign made in Oregon

Pro Weld Plasma Cutting Service Welcome Sign made in Oregon

For More Info

For those in need of welding services, ideas or metal fabrication contact our welding shop today. We can fabricate your metal staircases, stainless steel railings, structural steel projects and custom portable BBQ grills (including rotisseries), so go ahead and explore our recent work page!

Pro Weld Plasma Cutting Service Welcome Sign made in Oregon

Pro Weld Plasma Cutting Service Welcome Sign made in Oregon


Call Us for quotes on your custom plasma cutting services, designs and ideas: 541-826-1404