Pro Weld's Penny & Jim Oberlander

Penny & Jim Oberlander Founding Owners

Welcome to Pro Weld, a family-owned metal fabrication company. Its welding experts have served Medford, Oregon since 1993.  Pro Weld’s metal fabrication shop offers excellence with every metal project.

Certified steel welding, metal fabrication, shearing, forming, bending, punching, prototyping, and portable mobile welding.

Whether it’s metal welding, grinding, installation erection, cutting, or forming metals, we are dedicated to YOU! Here Pro Weld’s scope of services:

Welding repair, on-site welding, metal fabrication, assembly, crane services, TIG welding, MIG welding, aluminum welding, industrial fabrication, fabrication subcontractor, production runs, creating and completing manufacturing blueprint drawings, carbon steel welding and fabrication, stainless steel welding and fabrication, custom welding and fabrication, weld repairs and fabrication for gates, handrails, bumpers, ramps, brackets, I-beams, mobile welding.

Pro Weld offers more than just mobile welding and fabrication services in the Medford, Oregon region. The 14,000 sq ft fabrication facility manufactures the Iron Horse BBQ and Thunder Cages, alongside some major international metal fabrication projects.

Recent Metal Welding Work

Take a look at the recent welding jobs. Pro Weld manages commercial welding, residential welding and industrial welding projects.

Pro Weld Fabrication Accomplishments and Certifications:

Oregon Construction Contractors Board License (CCB) #158249
Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Welding and Fabrication
Central Contractor Registration (Federal CCR)
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) as Woman Owned Business (WOB)
Certified Small Business in Oregon
Women Business Enterprise (WBE)
Emerging Small Business #5957 (ESB)
North American Industry Classification (NAICS) #332312
Excellence in Family Business Award-Winners (OSU Austin Family Business)