Welding Structural Steel Substations Shipped Nationwide

Did you know that Pro Weld’s welding team performs on-time, everytime?We regularly perform above industry standards. We deliver and can deliver substation structures directly to substation facilities and job sites.

Galvanizing is no issue for us. A few examples of substation structures Pro Weld, Inc. manufactures:

  • 25KV Metering Bay
  • 25KV Bus Disc
  • 25KV Getaway
  • 115Kv Switch A2-1
  • 115Kv A Frame
  • Grounding Platforms
  • Static Mast

Do you have an RFQ for your structural substation project or steel substation park? Send it to us! We will walk you through our welding processes and structural steel expertise.  

Send your RFQs to: info@pro-weld.com or call 541-826-1404 to discuss your metal substation work today.

PW Employee learning welding trade draws KOBI NBC5’s news to Pro Weld, Inc. facility

What an exciting week at Pro Weld, Inc. Our very own employee and Eagle Point High School Senior Gavin Frazier sparked
KOBI NBC5 New’s attention through his eager tradeskill learning. Not even 24-hours earlier, he caught the eye of EPHS’ District 9 staff which secured the “Student Spotlight” post on the District’s Eagle Point Facebook Page.

EPHS Student Gavin Frazier
Gavin Frazier is welding from the ground up. At times, he finds himself lying down on the job (Closest to the camera).

KOBI NBC5 ‘s Anna Weeks promptly contacted Pro Weld, Inc. for an opportunity to catch Gavin in action at the 1316 Ave G – 14,000 square foot facility in White City. The request to interview Gavin and owners was fielded by co-owner Penny Oberlander for which there was an immediate “yes.”

Pro Weld, Inc. employee Gavin Frazier – Eagle Point High School student during
KOBI-NBC5 Interview with Anna Weeks.

Co-Owner Penny shared, “Gavin is an employee seen as an incredible asset. We are providing him in-house training which is foundational for a career in welding. If anyone deserves it, it’s Gavin.”

Jim & Penny Oberlander during KOBI – NBC5 interview held by Anna Weeks at
Pro Weld, Inc. Facility

Below you will find the full interview, as shown on the KOBI NBC5 website.

Repost from KOBI-TV NBC2 website:

HS student gets hands-on welding experience
Local News Regional Top Stories Video December 4, 2019  Anna Weeks  Eagle Point High Schoolpro weldsouthern Oregontradesmenweldingwhite city

WHITE CITY, Ore. — A senior at Eagle Point High School is getting hands on experience, while still getting school credit.

“It’s like your own world when you put your helmet down,” Gavin said.
After taking a metals class his sophomore year, Gavin Frazier said he found his passion: welding. Now, he is getting school credit while working part time at Pro Weld in White City.

“I don’t really like sitting down in class, and just like, listening to a teacher,” Gavin said.

Instead, Gavin decided to get hands-on experience in the field. When Pro Weld owners James and Penny Oberlander were put in contact with the teen, they saw a certain spark.

“It’s been great to watch him grow and at his age he’ll, if he continues, he’ll be one of those Prima Donnas when he’s like 40 probably,” Penny said.

KOBI NBC5s Image of Gavin Frazier Welding at Pro Weld, Inc.

He’s been working at Pro Weld part time since July. After Gavin’s done with class, he heads over to the shop to learn from the pros.

“He’s learning the whole gamut. How to rig, how to take these overhead cranes and turn stuff over and how to do structural welding,” James said.

“When your hood goes down, all your focus on is where you’re welding and it’s like whatever is going on behind you, it really doesn’t matter,” Gavin said.

Some of his the projects he has worked on can already be seen around town, from bike racks to a bridge being built in Ashland.

“Actually having to get the tools out and actually have to lift the beam and be literally there, the hands-on experience, then you really get the this is how it’s really done cause they actually did do it,” James said.

Co-Owner of Pro Weld, Inc., Penny Oberlander instructing Gavin on welding design during KOBI NBC5’s interview with Anna Weeks.

The Oberlanders told me there’s a lack of tradesmen in the work force. Getting students interested in welding early, ensures there will be great welders to come. They say there instincts were right, this teen is different.
“It doesn’t matter if it’s in metric, if it’s in a different language, he can just by sight look at it and get it started and adjusted and that’s, that’s a pretty good statement,” James said.

After he graduates high school, Gavin wants to make this his career. His dream?  To become an iron worker.

For a direct link to Medford, Oregon’s KOBI NBC5 coverage, see below.


Courtesy of Anna Weeks from

Start a New Hobby this Labor Day Weekend

Start a New Hobby this Labor Day Weekend

Welding is a challenging and rewarding field of work as well as a fun hobby that can have some advantages.  The experts at Pro Weld would love to help you with your complex welding projects.  However, knowing how to weld can be a huge help for simple welding projects around the house.  Here are some ways to learn welding as a hobby:

  1. 1. Attend a welding class at a local community college- most community colleges offer inexpensive welding classes that anyone can register for.  It may be smart to visit the campus and tour the facilities.  Furthermore, ask the instructors a few questions about the course and what skills you will be able to accomplish upon completion.
  2. Hobby Welding

    Community College Welding Classes are a great way to learn how to Weld

  3. 2. Learn on your own. After gathering the proper equipment, including safety apparel, begin clearing your work area. Be sure you have a clean, dry, and level surface that is heat resistant and nonflammable. Next, begin familiarizing yourself with your welding equipment while they aren’t powered, to avoid injury. Once you feel comfortable begin practicing, following safety procedures.
  4. Hobby Welding

    Teaching yourself to Weld can be extremely helpful around the house

  5. 3. Seek out a Professional Welder that can show you the basics. Do you have a friend or family member that is a welder? If not, then you could try approaching local fabrication shops to see if anyone would be willing to show you the ropes.  Some welding shops even offer apprenticeship programs to teach prospective welders.
  6. Hobby Welding

    Professional Welders are experts at their craft and can help you learn how to Weld

Welding is a fun, active hobby for many people and the time you have off for Labor Day weekend may be the perfect time to begin learning the ins and outs of welding.   Remember, if you ever run into a project that is above your skill level Pro Weld has welding experts with extensive experience that can tackle any project you have.

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Heavy Duty Truck Repair: Roxy Ann Rock’s 80k Semi

Heavy Duty Truck Repair

Today’s unique welding repair project was a truck repair on

Roxy Ann Rock’s 80K semi!

Truck Repair

RoxyAnn Rock Weld Repair at Pro Weld

 The rock outfit had a mega leak in one of the cylinders, so they called Pro Weld. Within 24 hours the welding crew had the semi in and out of the 15k square foot facility.

Truck Repair

RoxyAnn Rock Weld Repair Cylinder Inside Facility

Within two hours, our welders had this repair job wrapped up. The happy welding customer was pleased at the precision, and capacity to do truck weld repair in such a short time.

Truck Repair

RoxyAnn Rock Weld Repair Cylinder Inside Facility

Here is a view of the truck driver looking at the weld repair as Pro Weld’s fabrication crew finish the weld job.  Pro Weld focuses on providing customers with quality customer service and ensures a job well done.

Truck Repair

RoxyAnn Rock Weld Repair Cylinder

View of welds sealing the leaking semi truck’s cylinder. Pro Weld is thankful to offer the Medford company the truck repair and welding needed.

Call us for your truck repair and welding project today!

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6 Important Uses for a Truck Rack

6 Important Uses for a Truck Rack

Pro Weld builds custom racks for trucks and ATVs that are strong enough to do just about anything you need.  Here are 6 of the possible ways that you could use a truck rack:

1) Truck racks can be modified to carry canoes for your next trip to the lake.

2) A truck rack is most commonly used to carry tools and equipment to a job site.

Pro Weld has come up with 6 uses for a truck rack

Pro Weld will install your custom truck rack to make sure that it is a perfect fit.

3) Trucks racks are perfect for carrying ladders to the work site.

4) Can be modified to carry multiple bikes on your next family trip.

Custom truck rack made by Pro Weld

Pro Weld’s expert welders draw up detailed specifications for every custom truck rack.

5) Truck racks help carry wood planks better than anything else.

6) Get a truck rack for your next hunting trip to bring in all of your supplies and hall out your any animals that you bag.

Truck racks can be used for many different purposes, and we hope that Pro Weld‘s list was interesting to you.

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Simple Reminder: Pro Weld offers mobile welding

Pro Weld offers mobile welding

The Pro Weld team brings professional fabricators to your onsite welding project.  Pro Weld will travel any where in Southern Oregon to accommodate for our customers.  We have been serving the Medford, Oregon area for over two decades, so we have the experience needed for any of your difficult projects.

We offer FREE Quotes for anyone that is interested in our fabrication expertise!  Pro Weld deals with everything from structural steel projects to custom metal gates or stainless steel cable railing

Pro Weld offers mobile welding that takes out the hassle out of your projects

Pro Weld can come to you anywhere in the Medford, Oregon area to help with your next welding job.

Pro Weld will send fabricator to wherever your jobsite is in the Southern Oregon area

Pro Weld works on welding projects all over Southern Oregon

Pro Weld sends expert fabricator to your work site

Pro Weld fabricators always use precision when welding for any project.

Pro Weld can come to you for welding projects

Pro Weld can make custom railing and install it for you.

Pro Weld does structural fabrication on site

Pro Weld can do structural fabrication on site. Call to get a FREE Quote!


Mobile welding cuts the hassle out of YOU transporting projects out of “the field” – as we can come to wherever you are.

If you have a residential or commercial project, we are here for you.

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5 Secrets to Running a Successful Small Business

5 Secrets to Running a Successful Small Business

In any industry there are specific ways to get the advantage over competition, like how Pro Weld focusses on the quality of every single weld instead of rushing to boost the quantity of products produced.  There are also some secrets to running a small business in any industry.  Success of a business is not an accident, it is seeing what others in your industry do not see, then acting on that knowledge. Here are 5 secrets that will help you succeed in any industry:

  1. The Pro Weld team used welding secrets when helping the community when Extreme Makeover: Home Edition came to Medford, Oregon.

    The Pro Weld team helping the community when Extreme Makeover: Home Edition came to Medford, Oregon.

    1) Know how to delegate tasks and manage your own time.  In a small business the inclination is to do everything your self, but to succeed you need to be able to trust those that you put on your team.

  2. 2) Appreciate all every good thing that comes out of running your own business, no matter how small.  If you feel fulfillment from what you are doing for a living you will be more productive, and it will spread to everyone working around you!
  3. 3) Give back to your community in every way that you can.  This could include employing people in your community, or being a part of a project that helps people, an example of this is when Pro Weld helped when Extreme Makeover: Home Edition came to Medford, Oregon.  When you give back to the community it is not just good public relations, it will also give you the chance to build real relationships with others in your community.     

    Small businesses should have a goal of steady growth

    Small businesses should have a goal of steady growth

  4. 4) Don’t grow your business too fast, because it can lead to a multitude of problems.  Business growth should be done at a rate that you are able to keep up with.
  5. 5) Praise your employees in public, this will increase their confidence and make them actually want to work for you.  The other side of this is to criticize their work in private.  No one wants to be called out in public, and consistently doing this will decrease an employee’s motivation to do well in tasks that are assigned to them.

All of us at Pro Weld hope that these business secrets will drive your company to future success!

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Most Common Items Found in Tack Boxes

Most Common Items Found in Tack Boxes

Pro Weld has the most common items found in tack boxes for you

Pro Weld builds extremely durable and secure tack boxes.

Pro Weld tack boxes that are light weight and sturdy

Pro Weld tack boxes are relatively light weight but still maintain a sturdy build

Pro Weld makes tack boxes that are both visually appealing and secure.  Tack boxes are especially important for horse owners, here are the most common items found in tack boxes:

 -Bathing supplies, including ShowSheen

 -Medicines, fly spray, and First Aid kits

 -Blankets, polo wraps, and English Saddles

 -Riding helmets or hats, and fly masks

 -4H supplies and tools

 -Trail riding gear

Pro Weld makes high quality tack boxes that are made with lightweight durable aluminum, this makes these 12 pound boxes easy to move while staying strong.  Pro Weld can also make custom tack boxes that will fit where ever you need it and you can personalize the color of it and put on any logo that you want!  Pro Weld has the expert welders that are able to weld just about anything that you can come up with.    

All of us a Pro Weld hope that you enjoyed this list of the most common items found in tack boxes!

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Coming soon Thunder Cages

Coming soon Thunder Cages

Pro Weld is redesigning the website for a devision of their company called Thunder Cages. This devision of Pro Weld produces MMA Cages.  MMA (mixed martial arts) is a sport that is growing in popularity around the world.  Pro Weld manufactures high quality Thunder MMA Cages that come in a variety of sizes and have many customization options.

Here is a sneak peak at what the new Thunder Cages website will look like!

New Thunder Cage

Here is a sneak peak at the new Thunder Cage website

Here is a look at the old website that we are currently creating a new website to replace.

Here is the current thunder cages website, but Coming soon Thunder Cages website redesign

Here is the current Thunder Cages website home page

The redesigning of the Thunder Cages website should make browsing of the website easier and more enjoyable for our customers.  The website will allow users to be drawn in by a more appealing layout.

If you are interested in Buying a MMA Cage – Call or Email Us Today!

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Intern Creates Pro Weld Ad for Our Valley 2016

Intern Creates Pro Weld Ad for Our Valley 2016 

Pro Weld has decided to put an add into Our Valley, and they have given me, Cameron McKillop, the opportunity to put together the ad.  This internship is an incredible opportunity and the Oberlander family is giving me the experience to grow my skills.  Here are three of the ad ideas that I came up with for Our Valley 2016!

Pro Weld plans on posting an ad in Our Valley

The above ad shows how Pro Weld is not only a part of the Southern Oregon community, but has also given back to that community!

Possible Pro Weld Ad for Our Valley about fixing up a part of our local history

The above promotion shows that Pro Weld has been a part of a local and historic remodel in Medford, Oregon.

Our Valley Ad designed by intern

Pro Weld has fabrication experts that are able to do any welding job that you can think of!


Pro Weld has provided opportunities for local college students to gain real world experience. Business students get a chance to work on projects that have a real and visible impact.

I hope that you enjoyed these proposed ads that I put together! If you are interested in an internship opportunity, or any welding services provided by Pro Weld, call or Email us today!

(541) 826-1404 | info@pro-weld.com