Welding Job Openings at Pro Weld, Inc.

Welding Job Openings

Are you great at welding and have a drive to become a tradesman fabricator? Come in to Pro Weld, Inc. to apply for a welding job! We always seek the best and brightest in building our welding crew.

Welding Jobs
Pro Weld Job Openings for Welding Team

It is not mandatory to be a journeyman nor certified welding expert to apply. However, we do aim to work from a base of welding experience. Knowledge of fabrication and mathematical principles are used each day by welding shop employees.

We seek to craft our welding team one person at a time. Individuals have to be great at math. Beyond that: it’s about attitude and aptitude,” commented Penny Oberlander, co-owner. “We want bright individuals who fit our welding team’s culture of excellence.

Jobs for welders
In person welding job applicants come to 1316 Ave G White City Oregon

All welding applicants are required to retrieve a printed application in person. The welding office is typically open from 8-4:30pm. These hours mirror the welding shop hours.

Pro Weld’s welding facility is located at 1316 Ave G White City, Oregon 97503 – just 10 minutes from I-5.  Drop in for a welding application today.

**(ATTN: Please no calls, no emails. Due to the overwhelming number of welding applicants, we only interview those who apply in person) **

Pro Weld Welding Jobs
Employees Welding at Pro Weld

Tips for applying for a welding job with Pro Weld

Be sure to familiarize yourself with our current welding projects shown within the Pro Weld news and work pages. The size, scope and scale of welding projects we are hired for vary vastly. Within one day, our welding crew may be on a crane job, then working on a major steel substation structure for out-of-state clients.

We offer in-house welding certification once the employment probation period has been satisfied. Be sure to come with a self-starter attitude. We look for self-driven welding employees with an upbeat attitude.

Welding is not for the faint of heart. We hire the calm, the competitive and the self-confident. Our welding crew has fire in their eyes. When your see their productivity – you know they’re beasts.” says Jim Oberlander, co-owner and journeyman of 40+ years.

Pro Weld looks for welders who have fire in their eyes to add to their welding crew.
“There is no off switch on a tiger.” ~ German Proverb

Keep in mind: we are a family-owned, and operated business. Being professionals of excellence (especially in welding) is personal for us. We seek welding professionals who match our culture of excellence with positive attitudes and high aptitudes.

If you have what it takes to work with metal, sparks and heat – come apply with us. We need great welding employees.

Welding experts
Welding crew focusing on task at hand.

For each of us, this is more than a welding shop. We seek excellence in every industry we serve. It doesn’t matter if we are welding metal planter pots or watering flowered plants themselves – we take pride in hard-work performed efficiently. Excellence and integrity are paramount.

It doesn’t matter to us if the welding job is out in the mud and cold weather, or within our enclosed welding shop. Not all welding jobs aren’t glorious. Regardless, each job is an excuse to demonstrate first-class welding workmanship.

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” –Thomas Edison, inventor. 

Welding is an opportunity for tradesmen workmanship.

We are certified in various set-aside designations (ESB, WOB, WBE & DBE), which enables Pro Weld to compete on large-scale, specialty steel and metal welding jobs. These government and state bidding opportunities allows us to show our top-notch excellence in welding and metal fabrication.

If you need a welding job, or seek new employment be sure to browse site. Each page is a display of welding job performed within our company of excellence, and with metal-solutions in mind. From our news page, to the work and services, you will find ample examples of what is normal for our welding job.

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”  –Steve Jobs, Co-Founder, Apple

Pro Weld has found itself as a metal and industry leader for its excellence, and leadership on welding and metal projects. We look to continue adding to our welding team individuals with resilience, integrity and a hunger to make every welding job “trade show” material. Our products must show the highest degree of welding excellence.

Check our our substation steel structures for example.

Welding performed on BBQ grill
Pro Weld completed all welding on this BBQ grill

To date, Pro Weld’s is the sole producer of their former subsidiary company, the Iron Horse BBQ. The Cattlemen’s Santa Maria and Iron Horse BBQ Grill products have led Pro Weld to display their welding products at industry trade shows in Atlanta, Orlando and most-regularly in Las Vegas. Pro Weld’s metal products and welding excellence has been on display at trade shows since 2005.

Come to Pro Weld if you see yourself thriving with our award-winning company. Be sure to check out this week’s update under “Welding resilience despite freezing temperatures” pertaining to welding characteristics of our crew. As they are without question titans in the welding field.

Welding resilience despite freezing temperatures

Welcome to a 38° Martin Luther King Jr. Day! We’re three weeks into January and Pro Weld’s welding team is smoking-out the metal and fabrication. As the freezing weather continues, the welding team does not have dampened spirits.

“The time is always right to do what is right.”  Martin Luther King, Jr. during his Oberlin College commencement speech in 1965.

MLK Jr.’s words could not be more true today for the welding crew facing extreme weather conditions. And their near-perfect welding seams shows it in their determination. Resilience is everything.

The welding team heats up this Oregon based Northwest welding shop. Sparks light up their excellent welding. Nothing seems to thwart their welding execution. Their first-class welding blows smoke in the face of rising and falling temperatures.

Oregon welding and install
Pro Weld welding team during an install in Grants Pass, Oregon at
Jobsite of Aspen Dental, Jersey Mike’s Subs, & MOD Pizza.

“We’ve really got a bravura welding crew,” beams Penny Oberlander, the women-owner and certified welder. “It’s great seeing welding excellence – despite cold days. Learning to enjoy welding in all conditions is the key that sets our welders apart.”

The welding team finds themselves in all weather conditions. Welders work predominantly within the Pro Weld owned two-story welding facility in Southern Oregon. Yet, formidable welding is not for the faint of heart.

One must persevere in all conditions: the sunshine, the rain and in the snow. Welding crews must have an irrepressible desire to do superb tradesmen work. Their own inner strength drives their productivity regardless of weather that reaches below freezing.

 Welding is not for the faint of heart
Welding is not for the faint of heart. Resilience is everything.

Great welding teams can be as tough as an elite pack of siberian huskies. They tend to weed themselves out – as welding jobs demand masterly stamina and physical fitness. They have an insatiable desire for welding excellence in every bead, and expect the same of their welding co-workers.

The hand-picked welding team is known for their endurance, performance and focus on tasks at hand. And it’s here at Pro Weld’s 14,000 square foot building that welders find themselves thriving. The welding shop has all the latest welding equipment for all sizes of metal and steel jobs at their disposal.

Certified welding job
Zelmer, a metal fabricator in training, started his welding career with Pro Weld. His focus on welding excellence is clear on the metal project before him.

For more than two dozen years, Pro Weld has had international and out-of-state money transfers into Medford, Oregon banks. The welding team consists of a select group of welders. But that does not hinder Pro Weld’s management from pursuing large metal jobs. The team secures welding contracts from outside the Southern Oregon area – as they seek to help boost the local economy.

We offer excellence in every welding job. We’re at the stage of focusing on which size challenges we want to take on. Projects with a lot of welding complexity is where our work and competency speak for itself,” stated Jim Oberlander, co-owner as he passes through the office in route to direct his welding team.

They are presently welding on-schedule for an out-of-town steel substation structure project. Due to their efficient welding practices, Pro Weld is set to perform ahead of time. It’s normal for this welding team. They are accustomed to making metal deliveries before the contracted deadlines. This is one of many welding projects due by the end of the quarter.

Welding jobs make simple with Pro Weld
Pro Weld offers the best of fabrication and welding practices day or night, rain or shine.

Don’t be a stranger: feel free to drop into Pro Weld, Inc. located at 1316 Ave G White City, Oregon 97503 to discuss your metal and steel structures. We can arrange for a welding expert to look at your blueprints, hand sketches and architectural designs.

For those seeking welding experts from beyond the Medford, Oregon area, call TODAY to speak with a welding expert: 541-826-1404. There is also an option to schedule a What’sApp, Google Duo, or Skype video call for those inquiring from out of the USA wanting to speak to Pro Weld’s expert welding and metal fabrication team.

You’re welcome to email inquiries to info@pro-weld.com. Check out Pro Weld’s work page, and site for more on their welding and steel structure capacities with metal.

For more on Pro Weld’s welding projects, we have pages you can check out. They are as follows: Structural Steel Welding I-Beams, Metal Gate Welding, Metal Handrail Welding, Metal Door Welding, Metal Spiral Railing Welding, Safety Carts and Cylinder Safety Transportation Carts, but not to forget CNC Plasma Table Cutting Services and Boom Truck Rental Services.

For those who have the hunger for excellence and seeking a welding job, drop in for an application.

Metal Cutting with CNC Plasma Cutting Water Table

We weld, we grind, we help clients get expert metal designs. If you have large scale structural steel substation projects or custom designs to be cut – Pro Weld’s CNC plasma cutting machine can do it. Our welding team is cross-trained on most of our equipment – which includes the cnc plasma cutting table.

Pro Weld, Inc.’s welding team offers expert fabrication, with the option of CNC plasma cutting as an add-on to their welding job services.

When it comes to small metal parts, Pro Weld finds ways to offer the CNC plasma services. With every CNC cutting service performed, there is an increase in productivity. The parts that are typically hand-cut are efficiently plasma cut out of metals with Pro Weld’s computer-ran CNC plasma cutting machine.

The Southern Oregon, women-owned metal company is known for its welding performance and expertise in metal fabrication. Yet, they are now cutting out a reputation with its cnc plasma cutting services. There have been discussions about adding more shifts to keep the cnc plasma table cutting for a solid 16+ hours to meet metal production and growth demands.

CNC Plasma design to cutting at Pro Weld metal shop

The cnc plasma table was built in house by Pro Weld’s owners and welding team. The current table is the first model build at Pro Weld, which will soon be dwarfed by a much larger cnc plasma cutting table. The cnc table is color-themed: red and blue to match the company logos. The contrasting white welding shop walls, and reflective water table make for an iconic representation of the bold US American flag.

The plasma table is designed in a tank-table style. There are several key reasons for the cnc plasma to be a water table. Simply put, a cnc plasma water table reduces: heat-distortion, dust, plasma table cost, noise, arc flashes, and keeps all metal at a lower temperature. The cooler temperature helps avoids metals warping at all times.

The Pro Weld built water cnc plasma table is constructed to raise or lower water levels. This feature gives the cnc plasma operator the ability to submerge the plate by adjusting the water. This adjustable water level option is great for the various types of cutting this cnc plasma table can do.

Pro Weld utilizes the CNC plasma machine whenever it expedites metal cutting and welding fabrication production times. Our welding crew is more industrious and efficient because of the speed. The accuracy of the CNC plasma cutting table is near to impossible to mirror by hand.

“We’re continuing to find innovative ways to make welding jobs efficient. Having this cnc plasma cutter has been a game changer and great tool for our welding team. We’re excited about Pro Weld’s continued growth.” remarked Penny Oberlander, co-founder and certified welder.

Pro Weld's CNC Plasma Cutting
CNC PLASMA TABLE CUTTER AT Welding Shop (Pro Weld, Inc.)

The unparalleled CNC plasma cutting table allows fabricators to keep welding as the CNC machine does the intricate cuts. The minimization of metal waste and increase in material usefulness is impressive. Pro Weld’s CNC plasma table is a water table.

It’s like wow – now I don’t have hand-cramps. The CNC plasma cutting table is fast, precise and accurate. Each welding project is expedited with a few clicks thanks to the plasma table,” stated one Pro Weld employee.

Plasma water table CNC cutting
CNC cutting with water plasma table at Pro Weld

Water Table Functionality
Pro Weld, Inc. opted to fabricate their own CNC Plasma Water Table. Their welding team worked closely with co-owner Jim Oberlander to insure every aspect of the table perfectly matched Pro Weld’s industrial and structural metal project demands.

The CNC cutting table can hold a 7′ by 12′ sheet of metal up to 1-1/2″ thick. All types of designs and materials have been processed on this table. In 2020 alone, Pro Weld’s welding company has cut base plates, grates (as seen in above video) and other trick designs for custom welding jobs.

Our only limit is imagination. We’ll be finishing our secondary CNC plasma cutting table sometime this year. It’ll be twice the size – doubling our capacity. Our welding team is stoked,” says Jim Oberlander, co-owner and master fabricator of 40+ years.

CNC Plasma Cutting Table at Pro Weld shop

If you see to have cnc plasma table cutting performed by Pro Weld, Inc. give them a call at 541-826-1404. Otherwise, see more on our plasma here, and email us directly at info@pro-weld.com for your cnc plasma cutting metal jobs and welding projects.

In addition to the CNC metal plasma table cutting, Pro Weld offers doors, metal fabricated structures, metal pots and steel planters, cylinders carts, smoking shelters, outdoor decking, gates, handrails, substation steel structures, boom truck and crane services and metal safety bollards.

Certified Crane Rental Services & Expert Rigging

In the Pacific Northwest, this Oregon based certified crane, rigging and heavy lifting operation can is found within Pro Weld, Inc. This women-owned welding company is predominantly known for their metal and welding capacities.

For every welding job we have certified experts in welding metals, as well as offer certified to lift up to 100 tons with our cranes.

The smaller crane rentals jobs are typically performed with the 14-ton boom truck with a certified crane operator. All other crane rental requests for heavy lifts require our 45 ton crane service.

Crane service rental and welding
We offer crane rental services and crane rigging in beyond our welding shop.

Our crane operators meet all OSHA ANSI requirements, and have been trained with more than 25+ years of crane rental services. The Oregon chapter of AGC (Associated General Contractors of America) certifies our Pro Weld crane operators through course material for both construction sites, and all types of heavy lifting with every safety measure in place.

When you hire Pro Weld’s crane operators and rigging crew, you are choosing safety. Efficient, and accident-free safety management crane services and crane rental is Pro Weld, Inc.’s goal. Our certified crane service operators have years of expertise and will help you move your heavy equipment and all types of commercial, residential and personal items.

Pro Weld’s expert management team continues to seek out crane standard education, and best practices to be certain to meet all of Oregon’s OSHA crane standard for construction sites and beyond. From the moment our crane operators and riggers are in contact with our crane rental customers – we are focused on providing the highest degree of excellence a professional crane service can provide.

Certified Crane Operators
(AGC, an Oregon Accredited Crane Operator Testing Organization) 

                Expert Riggers

                OSHA ANSI Standard Practices

                Mobile Crane Services

               Crane Rentals Service

Pro Weld seeks to ensure that more than welding jobs are excellent. We offer leadership beyond our welding shop. As General Contractors, we also provide Pro Weld’s certified crane operators as instrumental key players in any movement.

2020’s Red Hot Welding Markets

Pro Weld, Inc. has a roaring red hot start for the 2020 new year. This woman-owned company is fusing the best of welding and fabrication processes. As the economy continues into another strong year, Pro Weld is able to expand its scope.

They take advantage of the key regional markets and are growing their expert welding team. For dozens of years, this company has turned-up-the-heat. It’s offered Rogue Valley’s best welding products and metal fabrication in the industry. Even now, over 30,000 lbs of structural steel metals were delivered to a New Mexico jobsite after completing the 64 day steel substation structure in a rapid 48 days.

Steel Substation Structure Parts for Project at Electrical Substation outside of Oregon

“There’s no industry ‘ceiling’ for us. We are innovating metal solutions for our clients beyond the Medford metal market. We’ve been a force in the Rogue Valley, and have focused on continual growth in markets outside Oregon.” Stated co-founder and co-owner James Oberlander.

Not only is Pro Weld’s crew joining metals in their certified welding processes – they train. Through local school involvement, the team gives is giving back. Welding is a process of merging metals through heat and pressure. Being a true metal fabricator involves welding in a timely manner applying a craftsman’s attention to detail to fuse metals together.

Welding-prone career-seeking employees

The company has participated in internships with schools and workforce training programs. Local high schools include Crater School of Biz, and Eagle Point High. Rogue Community College has community colleges and Southern Oregon University.

“We provide steel solutions and the top welding practices. Scouting the best and brightest is our aim. Employees with an excellent attitude and aptitude find themselves at home welding here,” remarked Penny Oberlander, President and co-founder.

Pro Weld, Inc. is also a designated “WorkSource of Oregon” site since
July 20, 2012. The WorkSource program allows helps employees brush up on their career skills. Applicants take advantage of federal, state and regional grants and free skills training.

Structural Steel Projects
Welding Professionals are available to discuss your structural steel projects.

Find out more about Pro Weld’s current metal bridges, commercial steel substation structure projects and recent welding jobs at our Pro Weld news page: http://pro-weld.com/news.

Pro Weld, Inc. is an Emerging Small Business (Firm’s Certificate #5957)

Schedule YOUR Structural Steel Substation or Commercial Welding Job – Call or Email Us Today!
(541) 826-1404 | info@pro-weld.com

Commercial Welding Job – Call or Email Us Today!
(541) 826-1404 | info@pro-weld.com

Welding in a Sea of Substation Steel Structures

Pro Weld’s Team Enjoys the Technical Structural Steel Challenges

Certified welding by owner Jim Oberlander
Jim Oberlander, certified welding expert and co-owner of Pro Weld in White City Oregon.

This week Pro Weld, Inc.’s welding team has seen a rise in their steel structure fabrication and welding speeds. In the vibrant US economy, this Women-Owned Enterprise has put their welding crew to task. In November, Pro Weld bid for an out-of-state steel substation structural project – and won the award. All substation steel structures will be completed ahead of the contracted on-site delivery times before February for a massive structural project.

“Our crew knows the pressure is on when the steel arrives. It’s awesome seeing them rise to the occasion and in excellence day-by-day. Our certified welders are up for any challenge.”

Stated co-owner Jim Oberlander, who constantly coaches and leads the way at Pro Weld.
Gavin Frazier, certified welding employee pumps out the welds as he joins metals on this substation steel.
Certified welding is the name of the game. Precision and excellence – just a few reasons why Gavin Frazier likes his job.

The sheer sizes of steel structures, let alone the fraction of tolerance of error is incredible. Yet this challenge to the welding crew is nothing to worry about. The welding team welcomes structural steel substations and projects that others must turn down. Pro Weld has a reputation for spotting mathematical, and various building errors on AutoCAD and blueprint errors – before they are fabricated and set in steel.

Substation steel structures have to be precise for the jobsite outside of the state of Oregon.
Welding Substation Steel Structures requires numeric accuracy and metal excellence. Pro Weld offers exactly what the job demands.

“Jim just called the engineer to explain a major issue in the blueprint that made the substation steel structurally unsound. It’s cool to see that in one call – Jim’s revisions, saved our welding team and our client from major project setbacks. ”

Says Pro Weld, Inc. employee Bob Reed, a certified welding tradesman.
Bob Reed is good at his welding job. He's been a certified welder helping Pro Weld for many years.
Steel moving – Bob Reed uses a 5 ton overhead crane to move the structural steel. Just another aspect of the technical skills required while welding at Pro Weld, Inc.

“We’re great at providing competitive bids, accurate welding and quick deliveries on steel structures. Substation projects are one of dozens of welding projects that Pro Weld’s fabrication team does well. Excellence is what galvanizes our reputation in the metal industry.”

Says co-owner Penny Oberlander beaming with joy.

In past years, Pro Weld has taken on substation steel structures for major PUE companies throughout the nation. These structures can amount to anywhere from 2,000 lbs. of steel to more than 100,000 lbs. of galvanized substation steel structures. Big or small, this Oregon family-owned company take on all sizes of structural steel projects.

Structural Steel Substation Parts in Metal Welding Shop located in White City Oregon
Pro Weld Metal Structural Steel Substation Parts

If you have a structural steel substation and need welding expertise, or a RFQ fulfilled, Pro Weld’s experts are here for you. We pride ourselves on being Made-in-America steel fabrication company and a locally family owned welding shop.

Pro Weld’s team works with your substation steel structural drawings – and gives free quotes.

Contact us at 541-826-1404 or email: info@pro-weld.com. Quotes are FREE, and you’ll find we’re the best in metal fabrication and welding substation structural steel.

#Steel #Substation #Structural #Welding

Certified Welding Excellence in Every Bead at Pro Weld, Inc.

Certified welding shown by Pro Weld's owner Jim Oberlander. Casey Osuna & Gavin Frazier learn welding technique on-site.
Metals joined by certified welder Jim Oberlander
as he demonstrates how to position oneself while welding. (L: Osuna, R: Frazier)

Pro Weld, Inc.’s not just a place to make a wage, it’s a place to pride oneself in the tradesmen skills while joining metals together. The materials may vary from ferrous to non-ferrous – but our excellence does not. Our family-owned management team cares about the future of welding. It truly starts with our employees, and is displayed from the metal integrity to the weld tolerances and distinct excellence in metal fabrication.

“We love excellence. Since we’re family-owned, we’re molding our own fabricators into the excellence Pro Weld offers. When employees find their welding rhythm – and step back to see their excellence, there’s nearly nothing that can stop them from moving forward.”

Says co-owner Penny Oberlander at the USA Owned Pro Weld, Inc. in Oregon.

We have a hands-on teaching style for all our welding teams, and see that they perform above the welding industry standards. Our welding crews are able to apply all types of welding techniques as they seek learn to the best methods of welding manufacturing.

“Without metal training, the welding and steel trade skills will disappear. It’s up to metal experts to train the workforce. I build metal projects from the ground up – so in the same way I build employees from their skill level. I provide excellence in metal, so why not offer superb training? We simply look for individuals with an attitude of excellence in their aptitude… and with that their future is their to build.”

Jim Oberlander of co-owner says of his metal work and employee training excellence.

The metal industry has more than two dozen ways of welding, from high-tech welding to rudimentary oxy-fuel welding. Yet, the most seen welding at Pro Weld is MIG, TIG and the job-specific Flux-Cored Arc Welding yet you’ll occasionally see stick welding. Truly we can do it all. We’ve listed a few welding industry’s terms for your structural steel and welding jobs.

Welding is just one component of the fabrication process at Pro Weld, Inc.

For those familiarizing themselves with welding here are a few key terms:
(*Warning : There’s boring welding-jargon below)

MIG Welding – Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) 

  • A welding process that applies shielding gas along a wire electrode causing the two metals to heat merging the two metals into one. This is the most used welding process and is fueled by a direct-current source with constant voltage to create the welding bond between metals.

TIG Welding – Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW/TIG)

  • This welding method is specifically used on non-ferrous metals, and stainless steel. The welding industry refers to style as “arc-welding” as it uses a tungsten electrode to form the weld bead. The steps involved makes it a more time-intensive and complex method of welding.

Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)

  • A welding method known for being a manual metal arc style of welding. The arc welding uses a consumable electrode (which is a long wand like “stick”) . This stick is covered with a flux to create the weld. Classically shield metal arc welding is used for iron jobs, heavy-duty and industrial steel type jobs.
AWS Welding Jobs
Pro Weld offers AWS certified welders for every project.

Flux-Cored Arc Welding (FCAW)

  • This is a semi-automatic process type of arc welding. A continuous-voltage is required with a consumable tubular electrode hosting a flux. This type of welding has a resemblance to MIG welding as both methods use a filler wire as an electrode to get the arc. The basic difference between MIG welding and Flux-cored Welding is the manner in which the electrode is shielded from the air. Since the flux-core gets shielding from the air – it is the most used weld for outdoor welding where there is high winds.
  • Just know that Pro Weld, Inc. is here for you. We love showing excellence in the industrial metal construction projects and structural steel welding builds. We seek to offer efficiency and excellence in welding and metal services. You will be highly satisfied with our team’s capacity to seamlessly work alongside your engineers, drafters, generals and management teams and investors.

Please drop in to meet us at our Pro Weld, Inc. fabrication facility located at 1316 Ave G in White City, Oregon.  Call us directly at 541-826-1404 or email info@pro-weld.com to share your structural steel RFQs and welding project designs.

Pro Weld, Inc Owners Won the OSU Business Award for Excellence
All metal welding projects are coming out of Oregon Pro Weld, Inc. facility owned by Jim and Penny Oberlander.
Pro Weld, Inc is a Women Owned Enterprise offering Made-in-America Welding Products

Welding Structural Steel Substations Shipped Nationwide

Did you know that Pro Weld’s welding team performs on-time, everytime?We regularly perform above industry welding standards. We deliver substation structures directly to substation facilities and job sites.

Galvanizing is no issue for us. Our 14,000 square feet welding facility handles large scale industrial substation projects or structural steel parks. Here are a few recent substation structures Pro Weld, Inc. manufactures on time for substation clientele:

  • 25KV Metering Bays
  • 25KV Bus Discs
  • 25KV Getaways
  • 115Kv Switches
  • 115Kv A Frames
  • Grounding Platforms
  • Static Masts
Pro Weld known for its excellence in substation structures.
Substation Structural Metal Fabrication by Pro Weld, Inc.

Our Pro Weld team is committed to offer the fastest quality delivery for your structural substation projects. We know the importance of structural steel delivery to electrical substations.

Choose Pro Weld, Inc. for all your steel substation structural needs.
Pro Weld, Inc. your choice metal structural steel and welding fabrication company.

Do you have an RFQ for your structural substation project or steel substation park? Send it to us! We will walk you through our welding processes and structural steel expertise.  

Send your RFQs to: info@pro-weld.com or call 541-826-1404 to discuss your metal substation work today.

PW Employee learning welding trade draws KOBI NBC5’s cameras to Pro Weld, Inc. facility

What an exciting week at Pro Weld, Inc. Our very own employee and Eagle Point High School Senior Gavin Frazier sparked
KOBI NBC5 New’s attention through his eager tradeskill learning. Not even 24-hours earlier, he caught the eye of EPHS’ District 9 staff which secured the “Student Spotlight” post on the District’s Eagle Point Facebook Page.

EPHS Student Gavin Frazier
Gavin Frazier is welding from the ground up. At times, he finds himself lying down on the job (Closest to the camera).

KOBI NBC5 ‘s Anna Weeks promptly contacted Pro Weld, Inc. for an opportunity to catch Gavin in action at the 1316 Ave G – 14,000 square foot facility in White City. The request to interview Gavin and owners was fielded by co-owner Penny Oberlander for which there was an immediate “yes.”

Pro Weld, Inc. employee Gavin Frazier – Eagle Point High School student during
KOBI-NBC5 Interview with Anna Weeks.

Co-Owner Penny shared, “Gavin is an employee seen as an incredible asset. We are providing him in-house training which is foundational for a career in welding. If anyone deserves it, it’s Gavin.”

Jim & Penny Oberlander during KOBI – NBC5 interview held by Anna Weeks at
Pro Weld, Inc. Facility

Below you will find the full interview, as shown on the KOBI NBC5 website.

Repost from KOBI-TV NBC2 website:

HS student gets hands-on welding experience
Local News Regional Top Stories Video December 4, 2019  Anna Weeks  Eagle Point High Schoolpro weldsouthern Oregontradesmenweldingwhite city

WHITE CITY, Ore. — A senior at Eagle Point High School is getting hands on experience, while still getting school credit.

“It’s like your own world when you put your helmet down,” Gavin said.
After taking a metals class his sophomore year, Gavin Frazier said he found his passion: welding. Now, he is getting school credit while working part time at Pro Weld in White City.

“I don’t really like sitting down in class, and just like, listening to a teacher,” Gavin said.

Instead, Gavin decided to get hands-on experience in the field. When Pro Weld owners James and Penny Oberlander were put in contact with the teen, they saw a certain spark.

“It’s been great to watch him grow and at his age he’ll, if he continues, he’ll be one of those Prima Donnas when he’s like 40 probably,” Penny said.

KOBI NBC5s Image of Gavin Frazier Welding at Pro Weld, Inc.

He’s been working at Pro Weld part time since July. After Gavin’s done with class, he heads over to the shop to learn from the pros.

“He’s learning the whole gamut. How to rig, how to take these overhead cranes and turn stuff over and how to do structural welding,” James said.

“When your hood goes down, all your focus on is where you’re welding and it’s like whatever is going on behind you, it really doesn’t matter,” Gavin said.

Some of his the projects he has worked on can already be seen around town, from bike racks to a bridge being built in Ashland.

“Actually having to get the tools out and actually have to lift the beam and be literally there, the hands-on experience, then you really get the this is how it’s really done cause they actually did do it,” James said.

Co-Owner of Pro Weld, Inc., Penny Oberlander instructing Gavin on welding design during KOBI NBC5’s interview with Anna Weeks.

The Oberlanders told me there’s a lack of tradesmen in the work force. Getting students interested in welding early, ensures there will be great welders to come. They say there instincts were right, this teen is different.
“It doesn’t matter if it’s in metric, if it’s in a different language, he can just by sight look at it and get it started and adjusted and that’s, that’s a pretty good statement,” James said.

After he graduates high school, Gavin wants to make this his career. His dream?  To become an iron worker.

For a direct link to Medford, Oregon’s KOBI NBC5 coverage, see below.


Courtesy of Anna Weeks from

Start a New Hobby this Labor Day Weekend

Start a New Hobby this Labor Day Weekend

Welding is a challenging and rewarding field of work as well as a fun hobby that can have some advantages.  The experts at Pro Weld would love to help you with your complex welding projects.  However, knowing how to weld can be a huge help for simple welding projects around the house.  Here are some ways to learn welding as a hobby:

  1. 1. Attend a welding class at a local community college- most community colleges offer inexpensive welding classes that anyone can register for.  It may be smart to visit the campus and tour the facilities.  Furthermore, ask the instructors a few questions about the course and what skills you will be able to accomplish upon completion.
  2. Hobby Welding

    Community College Welding Classes are a great way to learn how to Weld

  3. 2. Learn on your own. After gathering the proper equipment, including safety apparel, begin clearing your work area. Be sure you have a clean, dry, and level surface that is heat resistant and nonflammable. Next, begin familiarizing yourself with your welding equipment while they aren’t powered, to avoid injury. Once you feel comfortable begin practicing, following safety procedures.
  4. Hobby Welding

    Teaching yourself to Weld can be extremely helpful around the house

  5. 3. Seek out a Professional Welder that can show you the basics. Do you have a friend or family member that is a welder? If not, then you could try approaching local fabrication shops to see if anyone would be willing to show you the ropes.  Some welding shops even offer apprenticeship programs to teach prospective welders.
  6. Hobby Welding

    Professional Welders are experts at their craft and can help you learn how to Weld

Welding is a fun, active hobby for many people and the time you have off for Labor Day weekend may be the perfect time to begin learning the ins and outs of welding.   Remember, if you ever run into a project that is above your skill level Pro Weld has welding experts with extensive experience that can tackle any project you have.

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