Spark Guard: Fire Safety for Railroad Repairs

INTRODUCING Pro Weld’s custom fit aluminum fire spark guards. Each guard complies with railroad industry safety standards. These all-American spark guards are available in custom shapes and sizes.

Railroad repair with spark guard sheilds
Spark Guards allows for spark containment preventing wildfires while doing railroad repair

Performing repairs while replacing railroad tracks is simple. These easy to use spark shields vigilantly guard from fires. The flying debris is directed from spreading beyond the controlled contained area.

Each railroad repair is faster, safer and efficient with Pro Weld’s spark guards. Fire watch becomes streamlined in the process. Why not have sparks and debris limited to the spark guard contained area?

Call us for more on metal shields, spark guards and custom railroad guards. Order your spark guard to be shipped directly to you. Our welding experts create: spark guards, spark shields, spark screens for all types of uses.

Each spark guard are made of all sorts of materials and finishes. The Spark guards used for railroad purpose are aluminum, but can be altered based on desired use.

Call us today to speak with a welding expert or order over the phone. Our experts are certified welders who are here for you. We offer custom shaped spark guards and custom sized spark shields.

11/12: COVID-19 Stopping the SPREAD

11/12: Covid-19 Update from your welding professionals at Pro Weld, Inc.
We practice social-distancing to help stop rapid spread of COVID-19. You will be happy to visit Pro Weld’s designated area 6’+ area within our welding facility for lobby visits.

The roped off space is well marked. These precautions keeps us all abiding by COVID-19 prevention regulations. Remember to wash your hands + cover your cough. Stay home if you are sick and avoid contact with people who are sick.

For the latest Oregon Coronavirus News: Visit the COVID-19 government websites.

Coronavirus update from Pro Weld's welding service company
Pro Weld takes all precautions to stop the COVID-19 Spread

For more on what Pro Weld’s expert team can do for you: check our welding {} Be sure to call with welding questions to speak with a metalworks expert.

We also have a team of crane rigging services where our operators make every lift easy. When you seek out a certified crane rigging service team, remember Pro Weld. We have the best of crane rigging services in Oregon.

To All Veterans: Pro Weld Thanks YOU

Veterans provide safety for our daily welding and crane rigging services in the USA.

To all our VETERANS: Pro Weld’s expert welding and crane rigging team sends YOU a heart-felt thank you. We send our virtual HUG for your selfless service to make us all SAFE.

Our crane rigging and welding services are made possible through national security. This national, state and county security has been bought by the lives of our veterans daily sacrifice.

Our deepest gratitude belongs to our VETERANS who make welding + crane services possible through national safety. We value you. We love you. We stand to honor your service.

Since the inception of the United States of America (even when it was simply colonies), metalwork has been essential to survival. One principle use of metal has been through the US Navy and US Army.

The importance of the impact veteran metalworker have made in America can never be stated. Veteran welding experts have fabricated and maintained all repairs to military equipment both in the USA and abroad. Think of the metal tunnels, steel power structure systems and various steel and metal equipment which welding has been mandatory.

Call a welding expert at Pro Weld TODAY 541-826-1404.
See the welding company owners’ coronavirus post

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9/11: Wildfires in Southern Oregon + Covid-19 Update

We take a pause today to pay respect on this historical day when heros stood up to stop the four coordinated terrorist attacks on Americans. In honoring 9/11 heros, Oregonians are taking courage surrounded by wildfires themselves. We honor the first responders who aided in the 2001 National September 11th crisis.

Now Southern Oregon residents and businesses face a fire crisis of their on 9/11.

9/11: West skyview of White City skies as Southern Oregon wildfires blaze.

Pro Weld is cautiously open, aware of local hourly updates on the wildfire. Our crew cheers as fire fighters flying into Oregon. Their help in stopping Southern Oregonian wildfires spreading is vital.

“We remain at a lower risk a steady Level 1,” stated Jim Oberlander, co-owner of Pro Weld. “As we are safe, our hearts are heavy for those still in the line of fire.”

We continue to offer limited welding services and metal work. Extended scheduling as the Southern Oregon wildfire situation evolves hourly. We encourage all to be safe, and kind to neighbors near and far.

Let’s quench hatred, and fuel only generous love in during these wildfires.

Helpful Info for So. Oregon Wildfires as Jackson County is on HIGH Fire Alert

Northeast View of White City, Oregon Smokey Sky from Wildfire

Pro Weld will continue to take calls during this Jackson County wildfire emergency. All services are limited restricting anything ignition or aggravation to current fire hazards and conditions. Be sure to call us before coming to the welding shop if there is any question of safety.

Coronavirus Precautions + CDC Reportings

Meanwhile, the national Covid-19 death tolls just rolling in. The findings: the coronavirus threats are dying out. We are all breathing a deep sigh of relief. Pro Weld continues to maintain a 6+ foot welding lobby designated space for whoever desires to utilize it.

Pro Weld has effortlessly worked to stop the spread. Employees have remotely supported all welding and crane services since early March. Find more on CDC numbers through the link. Oregon finds herself within the bottom 15 states with the least “All Deaths involving COVID-19” with unfortunately 436.

We welcome this good news of low covid-19 deaths. Pro Weld’s team works to stopped the covid-19 spread. Yet as stated above, we are now on high alert with wildfires. Luckily the White City welding shop is lodged far enough away from the line of fire, yet it sits in the heart of Jackson County firezones.

As wildfires grow in Oregon, our team keep eyes and ears to all news. Fires light up the nights and filled the air with ash. We are in high hopes that in little time, we will see fire containment and suppression just as seen with covid-19 cases.

Drop into Pro Weld’s lobby to discuss welding shop services safely.

“Whatever aids in peace and safety we will offer,” commented Penny Oberlander, co-owner. “Whether it’s metal welding, crane services or our customer support in person, we strive for excellence.”

9/2: Welding September Update

We’re OPEN and here for your welding and metal needs this SEPTEMBER! What a great summer it has been for our steel fabricators and welding crew. They have given you the BEST of metal craftsmanship and steel fabrication on each jobs you trusted Pro Weld with their dreams.

Structural metal custom canopy frame provided for client seeking shade and protection from the elements.
Steel and metal fabrication made easy at Pro Weld, Inc.

Remember Pro Weld offers you welding supplies: sanding disc, abrasives and ratchet straps. You will want to try our best-selling Mercer Abrasives e.g. flap discs, zip wheels and sanding discs for a start. This is just another way our team makes your life easier.

If you need specialty cnc metal plasma table cutting, our services are yours to use. Our welding team seamlessly moves from shearing metal to the cnc table. We can work with your custom logos and project designs.

 Crane, rigging and industrial metal services
Your all American metal welding shop specializing in structural steel, crane services and rigging.

Check out flap abrasives: 541-826-1404 to order.
Welding company owners’ coronavirus post:

Metal Handrail to end this week

Welcome to the end of the week. As Friday closes out – we are all so please to have each of YOUR welding jobs. The end of week welding shop metal handrail image is for you.

Welding handrail metal railing at Oregon welding shop. Pro Weld 541-826-1404.
Welding handrails and metal gates is what makes Pro Weld extraordinary for YOUR properties.

This is just one segment of a large steel handrail project Pro Weld took on for a apartment rental property.

We love what we in offering you welding solutions. If you need metal handrails, iron gate, crane rigging services and/or steel solutions – call 541-826-1404. We are ready to help you.

Welding, crane services rigging services
Pro Weld brings you rigging, welding and crane services. Pictured: HVAC crane service provided this week.

Welding supplies: sanding disc, abrasives and ratchet straps. You will want to try our best-selling Mercer Abrasives e.g. flap discs, zip wheels and sanding discs for a start.

Check out flap abrasives: 541-826-1404 to order.
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Oregon Metal Fabricators: Your Commercial + Industrial Steel Welding Company

Drilling, shearing welding at Pro Weld, Inc. 541-826-1404
Need steel shearing and metal drilling: Call Pro Weld 541-826-1404 for welding job help.

Oregon Metal Fabricators: Your Commercial + Industrial Steel Welding Company

8/20: We are THRUSTIN’ forward welding for you this Thursday!

Pro Weld is an ace metal fabrication shop specializing in all types of steel welding. We offer you unparalleled commercial, residential and structural steel expertise. If you have steel rails, metal truck racks or industrial steel to be erected: Pro Weld is your award-winning welding company.

We are a 100% family-owned, All-American welding shop. Outside of the welding support and General Contracting we offer you; we also have key distributorships of interest.

Welding supplies: sanding disc, abrasives and ratchet straps. You will want to try our best-selling Mercer Abrasives e.g. flap discs, zip wheels and sanding discs for a start.

abrasives sanding
Sanding disc and abrasives for your metal and wood projects

We specialize in meeting your metal needs and steel structure specifications. Our metal works surpass industry standards. Our level of excellence moves our welding from simply manufacturing or commercial welding.

You will see our welding and metal fabrication is a form of artistry. If you’re curious, take a look at this suspended metal staircase. It’s true craftsman metalwork.

With each metal project our welding team diligently works for you. We cross-train each employee from boom truck and crane service rigging to industrial welding on commercial job sites. You name the metal welding need – and we can help you.

We even offer you CNC plasma cutting services. That’s not to mention the metal staircases and steel walkways. Did we mention we do substation steel structures for major electrical co-ops too? No job too large, no job too small.

Drilling, shearing welding
Need steel shearing and metal drilling: call Pro Weld 541-826-1404 for welding job help.

We aren’t the cheapest: which is clear in our distinction quality. We finesse each project until its welding quality goes beyond longevity into something aesthetically pleasing. So, we welcome you to contact our welding team or drop into our beautiful 14,000 square foot metal welding shop to being discussing your steel needs.

Whatever your need, we will customize your welding project to meet your requests. Each day begins with raw metal materials. We are here 5-days a week cutting, grinding, machining, forming, shearing and braking metals daily for welding project that are shipped beyond Oregon.

We are keeping our 6+ foot distances, while diligently welding at a rapid pace to perform all welding jobs and metal projects. YOUR safety + metal satisfaction is vital to Pro Weld’s welding crew.

If you need sanding discs + flap wheels – we have them for YOU! Pro Weld offers best seller flap discs on our site. Feel free to call in with your order as well.

Pro Weld’s superior fabrication capacities and metal welding processes make us a stand-out welding shop. The product lines are often placed within privately held estates, Fortune 500 companies and government held properties. Every person with a metal need is a worthy welding client.   

Check out flap abrasives: to order call 541-826-1404.
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8/19: Covid-19 & Tig Welding Update

Pro Weld tig welding tig service 541-826-1404 for metal fabrication.
Precise tig welding for high quality lines. Pro Weld tig welding tig service 541-826-1404 for metal fabrication.

As requested by GOOGLE – We’re OPEN and welding for you. No news is truly good news. We welcome all metal projects near and far.

We are optimistic that we are moving beyond COVID-19 back to our welding and vibrant American-innovative metal solutions. Join us in promoting SAFE practices and the can-do-anything attitude back to the US economy.

We are keeping our 6+ foot distances for your lobby visits. The team is diligently welding at a rapid pace to perform tig welding jobs and metal projects. YOUR safety + metal satisfaction is vital to Pro Weld’s certified welding crew.

Welding the summer days away. Bring your tig and mig welding projects to Pro Weld for long-lasting, high-quality certified welds. Did you know that tigging is a great way to use create long lasting, super crisp looking welds?

Pro Weld fields tig welding inquiries all the time. We will take your broken pieces and tig them back to their functional state. Our crew loves offering you a way to have a precise puddle and bead control as they move along your metals.

If you need sanding discs + flap wheels – we have them for YOU! Pro Weld offers best seller flap discs on our site. Feel free to call in with your order as well.

Sanding disc and flap disc abrasives sold by Pro Weld 541-826-1404.
Pro Weld, Inc. an authorized abrasive and sanding disc distributor 541-826-1404. We rep for Mercer Abrasives.

Check out flap abrasives: 541-826-1404 to order.
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8/18 Update: Handrails + Anti-Covid-19 Welding Shop Lobby

We bring you ample space to come to Pro Weld’s anti-coronavirus area. We offer you a way to speak with welding experts and metal fabricators free of concern. Our welding shop lobby has been prepared with PLENTY of clean space to ensure you are more than 6 feet from any other individual.

Safety ADA steel handrail
Metal ADA walkway handrail railing

Our team welcomes all sorts of metal and welding job conversations. We offer so much. You will be pleased to find Pro Weld’s ownership all-American

Pro Weld brings you ADA compliant metal handrails. If you want custom craftsman built steel walkway railings, we off you sturdy, long-lasting handrails. You choose the metal materials, sizes, shapes and designs of your handrails and we will produce.

Each hand-made metal handrail is built to last. Our steel welding team are more like expert artisans. Bring your designs to Pro Weld to begin discussing your metal safety railings for steps and platforms in need of walkway handrails.

We love working with your custom designed metal railings. If you have a steel sidewalk handrail, or ADA metal safety railing you seek: we exist to offer you the BEST of steel handrail and metal railing options available.

Our metal welding shop have installed steel handrails and metal railings on balconies, private estate walkways and all types of retirement home, apartment complex and shopping center in need of metal ADA handrail structures.

Our crane services compliment your metal handrail installation.

Now ANNOUNCING: Metal sanding discs + steel flap wheels. Pro Weld offers best seller flap discs on our site. Feel free to call in with your order as well.

Check out flap abrasives: 541-826-1404 to order.

Zirconia abrasive flap discs
Welding can be smooth with these sanding flap discs and zirconia abrasives
Welding company owners’ coronavirus post:

Metal Catch Basin Grates

Custom Fabricated Metal Catch Basin Grates

Last week Pro Weld’s team produced sets of custom metal safety catch basin grates. The dimensions as requested by the client allowed our welding team to provided exactly what was needed to prevent debris from slipping into drain holes.

Metal Grating and Steel Bar Grating provided by Pro Weld, Inc.
Steel grating made to last

Dimensions for the metal catch basin grating:

  • 28″ x 28″ x 2″ with a flat bar strip on 4” centers

Storm drains are purposed to allow ground water and rain to drain seamlessly. These metal grating systems are a way for steel catch basins to filter large branches, garbage and unwanted items from entering. Each storm drain metal grate can be found infrastructure along car parks, city streets, sidewalks, and roofs.

Excellence in metal welding and fabrication brought our our steel company products to the international realm,” says Penny Oberlander, co-founder of Pro Weld. “We’re all about durability and strength.

Pro Weld’s team works daily to meet your metal fabrication and steel needs. The fabrication process is straightforward and seamless for us. The high heat and practice of metal welding excellence has been a key to Pro Weld’s long-term success.

These steel catch basins are strong and smooth, and long-lasting metal bar grating. These durable steel bar grates are certified welded. Each metal bar grate is load bearing for all types of use. Whether you seek welded metal bar grating for pedestrian foot traffic or vehicle traffic – Pro Weld exists to provide you with the metal welding you desire.

Covid-19 Update: We’re SAFELY open CRUSHIN’ all COVID scares with and for you. Welding is a safe way we turn up the heat, and offer you help on your metal projects in this time.

ANNOUNCING: Sanding discs + flap wheels. Pro Weld offers best seller flap discs on our site. Feel free to call in with your order as well.

Check out flap abrasives: 541-826-1404 to order.
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